Dumped By Her Ex and Left Destitute, Hawaii’s Joanne Gibeault Has No Divorce Court To Rely On

Joanne Gibeault says that after giving up her cabinetry business and spending her days caring for her partner’s ill parents, she was told to screw off by her now-ex when a younger lady found her way between the two. Facing poverty, Gibeault is filing a palimony suit, one of the state’s first for same-sex couples. Well, sort of.

“All I want is what married people would have if it happened to them,” says “She promised it to me. I am 53 years old. I don’t have a lot of time left before I retire.”

The furious and poor Gibeault can’t actually file a palimony suit, since thanks to Gov. Linda Lingle the state doesn’t recognize any form of homo relations. Which means Gibeault is taking her ex to civil court, alleging they had a verbal contract that all of their assets — which are in the ex’s name — would be shared.

And that’s the state of gay relationships in states without marriage or even civil unions: Resorting to he said, she said. Congratulations, America!

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