DVD: “Deliver Us From Evil,” “Jamie Marks Is Dead,” “Where The Bears Are,” & More!


Jeepers creepers, where’d you get those home entertainment peepers?

This week’s line-up is spooky indeed, with Halloween-y offerings about possession (Deliver Us From Evil), ghosts (Jamie Marks Is Dead, above), and bear murder mysteries (Where The Bears Are: Season 3).


Jamie Marks Is Dead

($19.99 DVD: Gravitas Ventures)

The ghost of a bullied teen, Jamie Marks, whose dead body is found under a bridge, haunts and asks for help from Adam, a school track star who missed his chance to intervene when he had a chance. Is there some kind of special meaning to the fact Jamie appears in Adam’s closet? Indeed. So begins an unlikely friendship… Adapted from Christopher Barzak’s YA novel by openly gay director Carter Smith, whose skin-crawling horror films, 2008’s The Ruins and 2006’s short Bugcrush (on the Boys Life 6 compilation) are worth checking out.


Where The Bears Are Season 3

($19.99 DVD; 3 Bears Entertainment)

The third season of this hit comedy webseries again sees a clique of Silver Lake bears (Wood, Reggie and Nelson) get embroiled in a murder mystery, this time involving the models of a gay porn studio. The DVD version is compiled in a feature format, with uncensored nudity and loads of extras including bloopers, deleted scenes and a 20-minute Halloween special. Woof!


Deliver Us From Evil

($40.99 Blu-ray, $30.99 DVD; Sony)

Erica Bana stars as a New York detective, Ralph Sarchie, who stumbles into a case that may involve evil beyond what mortal man is capable of. Some genuine creepy, supernatural thrills here, plus Bana! Extras include a handful of behind the scenes featurettes and a commentary track.


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