DVD: “Naz & Maalik,” “The New Girlfriend,” “Aya Arcos,” & More!

LmFaXoBtBnv077oLO7T1d5Epfb-OkGOr8A6UbsAj_sEtXj9aIELH4UhWUDfh53ADtFLT1w=w2434-h1088We have a fantastic trio of LGBT home entertainment titles to share this week. French auteur Francois Ozon brings us a dramedy about a man going through a little gender identity crisis in The New Girlfriend, a tortured Brazilian writer falls for a 21-year-old hustler in Aya Arcos, and a pair of gay black teenage Muslims become targets of an FBI agent in Naz & Maalik (above).

Trailers and details await, so scroll down!


Naz & Maalik

($24.99 DVD; Wolfe)

Boyfriend Naz and Maalik — gay, black, teenage Muslims living in a post-9/11 NYC — make money by selling lottery tickets. One day, this harmless side business arouses the suspicions of an FBI agent, which could jeopardize their relationship, family life, and even basic freedoms… Writer/director Jay Dockendorf’s debut feature was inspired by real-life accounts from Muslims, including gay ones, and, set during 24 hours in the characters’ lives, takes a naturalistic approach.


The New Girlfriend

($34.99 Blu-ray, $24.99 DVD; Cohen Media Group)

Gay French auteur Francous Ozon (In The House, 8 Women) perhaps takes a cue from Ed Wood’s famously (and inadvertently) campy classic Glen or Glenda with this tale of a recently widowed husband, David, who takes on a female alter-ego, “Virginia” while becoming involved with his deceased wife’s BFF, Claire. Ozon explores some deep themes and concepts involving gender fluidity, friendship, and love that crosses all borders, with comedic and camp touches. Extras include a featurette and deleted scenes.


Aya Arcos

($24.99 DVD; TLA)

Writer/director Maximillian Moll examines the relationship between a seasoned writer and young hustler in his Rio de Janeiro-set debut feature. Struggling with creative and personal angst, middle-aged intellectual Edu finds lusty distraction in a 21-year-old rent boy and free spirit, Fabio. It’s a reciprocal relationship, but Edu’s neurosis and fears about HIV (despite this, they ditch the condoms) are but one of the challenges this couple must work to conquer together, especially once Edu finally decides to get tested. There’s sexy yet serious stuff here.



JeruzalemJeruZalem (VOD)


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