DVD: “Prometheus,” “Rock of Ages,” “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?”, And More!

($49.99 3D Blu-ray, $39.99 Blu-Ray; $29.99 DVD, Fox)

In the future, a handful of scientists head out to the great beyond, discover what could be the answer to humanity’s origins, and then make some really bad decisions. Though it doesn’t make much sense, Ridley Scott kinda-sorta prequel to Aliens features amazing special effects, thrilling set pieces, a deliciously shady Charlize Theron and ridiculously hot Michael Fassbender as a devious android. Presumably, all the logic flaws that drew fire from critics and snarky audience members will be addressed in the two commentaries featured here, in addition to deleted scenes, viral videos and, on the 4-disc 3D version only, an almost-four-hour long documentary.