DVD: “We Will Riot,” “Angelenos,” “The Five Obstructions,” & More!


It’s a week for sleepers, under-the-radar, and international indie titles in home entertainment, so let’s pay tribute!

Young folk life in Lithuania is illuminated in cross-cultural drama We Will Riot, while gay Los Angelenos are subject of a more local drama, Angelenos. Finally, Danish director Lars Von Trier, who recently worked with hot mess Shia LaDouche, puts a fellow filmmaker to some tests in the remastered release of his The Five Obstructions.

We Will Riot

($24.99 DVD; Naratyvas)

New Yorker Luke, an aspiring DJ, has a Lithuanian father and African-American mother. When grandma from the latter side calls, Luke decides to visit his homeland, and in the process becomes part of the Vilnius music scene. A gay manager, Andy, offers Luke the chance of a career, but are things really going to be so simple? Openly gay director/activist Romas Zabarauskas makes a politically-infused, energetic debut here.


($29.99 DVD; Oracle)

The latest indie from gay Somali-American filmmaker Afdhere Jama (Apart) tracks the lives and relationships of a handful of multi-racial gays in the City of Angels.


The Five Obstructions

($24.95 DVD; Kino Lorber)

Twenty years before he worked with Shia La Douche in Nymphomaniac, Danish director Lars Von Trier and his fellow auteur/mentor, Jørgen Leth, crafted this unusual, cheeky documentary. In it, Leth is challenged to remake his 12-minute 1967 short film, The Perfect Human, in five ways, each time with a different set of rules. For example, the first sees Leth shoot in Cuba using no more than 12 frames — a half-second in runtime — each shot. Fun film nerd stuff, finally given a proper, fully remastered DVD release with extras special features including a commentary. Want more Von Trier (and no LaBoeuf)? Last week, Criterion released a souped-up edition of his masterpiece, Breaking The Waves.


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Riot in Cell Block 11 (Criterion)


Scream Park


Big Bad Wolves