Election Night Open Thread Madness!

We’re positively pins and needles right now, readers!

In case you’ve been in a coma, millions of Americans today cast their ballots for their presidential pick. Obviously we don’t know who’s going to win, but we want to hear from you throughout the night – and you can be sure you’ll be hearing from us!

So, readers – have at it!

8:10: Alright, some states are being projected. CNN’s calling Tennessee, Kansas South Carolina and Kentucky are being called for McCain, as if that’s a surprise. Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware and New Hampshire appear to be going to Obama. The tally’s 77-to-34 electoral votes with Obama in the lead. The candidates need 270 to win… [MSNBC, meanwhile, puts Obama at 103 electoral votes….]

8:22: NBC and ABC are both reporting that Barack Obama won Pennsylvania, a key state – no wonder it’s called the Keystone state! Boo-ya!

8:44: Okay, this isn’t presidentially related, but Republican Elizabeth Dole lost to Kay Hagan in North Carolina. Ha!

9:24: Barack Obama has locked up Ohio, the Buckeye State. Our editor, who grew up in Cincinnati, is proud his homeland proved themselves to be more progressive than he remembers.

9:33: MSNBC is reporting that Obama took New Mexico, which, by the way, is our editor’s family’s new stomping ground. Coincidence? Totally.

10:23: MSNBC says Obama has 207 electoral votes, while McCain has 135…

11:01: Obama is the new president elect of the United States, says CNN. More once Mr. Obama addresses the nation…