Elisabeth Takes Terrifying Political View

Elisabeth Hasselbeck absolutely, positively thinks Sarah Palin’s right in bringing up Barack Obama‘s previous associations with William Ayers, a reformed member of “domestic terrorist” group Weather Underground.

Whoopi makes a great point – if Obama’s guilty of “associating with terrorists,” then so has the entire population of the University of Illinois at Chicago, where Ayers teaches.


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  • andy_d

    Ms Hasselbeck either needs to be educated or needs to be removed from the program. There are republicans who are more articulate and knowledgable than she. Regardless of my politics, I think someone like Marlene Matlin would be an excellent choice.

  • greybat

    What a shrill little person!

  • fredo777

    I don’t put much value on anything that chick says.

  • David Dust

    That little blond twit needs to be punched in the face once and for all. I’m upset that Rosie didn’t do it before she left, but I have faith that Whoopi will drop kick her stupid ass one day. You KNOW she wants to…

  • michael

    I believe that to be a Republican female in this day in age means to be a cunt, a stupid, white trash cunt.

  • Nitesurf

    Why doesn’t that fool just make the move to Faux and stop bothering the rest of us?

  • Dan

    Whoopi was about at the end of her rope today. I just wish she’d tell Barbara – it’s either her or me. Elisabeth is a twit. She is like a parrot shouting things overheard from Sean Hannity. She has no ability to reason.

  • mark

    Whoopi was real close to telling that moron off.
    Barbara Walters seemed pretty fed up with her too, not the smartest move if Elizabeth wants to stay on the View.

  • marco channing

    Hasselbeck’s ignorance and stupidity makes Palin look like she was Harvard-educated.


    barbara is so fkin annoying

    same with her two spook cronies.



  • TAZ389

    Thank god, we have the opinion of Hasselbeck to guide us through the campaign.
    Jessica Simpson should as well be the Campaign manager for Palin The queen of heart of Wonderland.

  • ousslander

    So if BIn Laden or someone of his ilk helped launch Mccain’s political career , you would be fine with that. The man planted bombs and tried to kill his fellow citizens, That’s okay?
    It does speak to Obama’s character. I think Hasselback would have beat the crap out of Rosie. UNless she was hiding her twinkies.

  • Darth Paul

    Ousslander, Bin Laden was very instrumental in GOP political careers when his mujihadeen were fighting soviets in Afghanistan. His family also has a vast oil-related fortune to which the Bush and Cheney families have intimate links. Do these facts make Bush and Bush supporters terrorists, by vice of such associations?

    And FYI, it’s spelled “auslander”.

  • Berdie

    I wonder how many students had Ayers running fundraising dinners for them at his home. Just a thought.

  • marco channing

    Wow. I seriously cannot believe that anyone would make their support for Hasselbeck known publicly.

    My 8 year-old niece has is more articulate and has better reasoning skills than Hasselbeck.

  • marco channing

    dear Men-Sar,

    Did you vote for Bush in 2000 and 2004?

  • marcus

    I understand that having a person with a different point of view on the show but at least get one that is intelligent, articulate and has some class. I would be furious if I were a Republican to have her
    representing my point of view. But for some reason Republicans are okay with this type, maybe there aren’t any intelligent, articulate classy Republican women. I guess cunts have to have a political party to call their own just like everyone else.

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