Ellen Facilitates Surprise Gay Proposal For Adorable Florida Couple

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.21.55 AMEllen Degeneres, Patron Saint of the Gays, reminded us why she has the highest daytime television ratings this week by facilitating a surprise gay proposal with two members of her studio audience.

Ellen is used to doing great things for good people, so after a recent taping of her show, she asked the audience to stay seated so she could invite Benjamin and Justin of Fort Myers, Florida — seemingly random fans — on stage to share ‘whatever they’d like.’ Unbeknownst to Justin, it was all part of his boyfriend’s pre-arranged proposal plan.

These kids better get hitched while they’re in California, because in case you forgot, they’re not entitled to equal rights in their home state of Florida. Check out the sweet moment below: