fire + brimstone

Episcopal Church Finds 3 Priests of the Homosexual Variety Worthy of Job Promotions


Well that didn’t take long. Just weeks after opening up the clergy ranks to gays, the Episcopal Church is seeing three homos nominated for the job. This is certain not to cause any controversy!

Two priests from from California and one from Minnesota join three heteros in nominations to become assistant bishops. Which means from here until December, where two new bishops will be selected,, liberals Episcopalians will be having it out with conservatives who don’t want no gays in their church!

Also, maybe we’ll hear from the global Anglican Communion, and its growing power base in Nigeria, about how the Rev. Canon Mary Douglas Glasspool of Baltimore, the Rev. John L. Kirkley of San Francisco, and the Rev. Bonnie Perry of Chicago (pictured, L-R) will bring eternal damnation upon their souls!

No surprise two of the nominations come from Los Angeles, that hot bed of homosexuality, where the gay-loving breeder Bishop J. Jon Bruno is running the show. We’re just looking forward to gut reactions from the dioceses of Central Florida and Dallas — who have broken away from the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America mostly because of their liberal colleagues’ pro-gay views — and the inevitable coming-to-the-defense-of statement from Bishop V. Gene Robinson, who, let’s face it, started all this madness.