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Everybody Wants to Finance Greg Gutfeld’s Ground Zero Gay Bar

I’ve had literally hundreds, maybe a thousand offers anywhere from $10 to thousand and thousands of dollars, from all over the world. This thing hit a nerve. I spent the last week just trolling through my emails and dividing them into files, “okay this guy is serious, this guy doesn’t have any money but wants to get involved, this person is offering to be my bouncer.” This guy, a former Green Beret, I think, offered to be my bouncer. Other people are offering real estate advice, people from the hospitality business offering consultation. After almost 18 years of being in the media, I’ve never seen this kind of a response to a story or an idea or a proposal. It’s really great because people get the idea. They understand what I am talking about. Because really, what is true tolerance? What is real tolerance? It is not about words. It’s about deeds.

—Greg Gutfeld, future owner of a Ground Zero gay bar, and self-professed gay marriage supporter [via]

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  • Adam

    I can imagine any gay men actually going to the bar. Well, except for GOProud.

  • Adam

    ^^ can’t, not ‘can’

  • a

    we can’t allow this fox news idiot to profit off of the gay community.

  • Sceth

    He supports gay marriage. I like this. Libertarianism rises at the expense of social conservatism.

  • Brutus

    As someone who lives three blocks from Ground Zero, it would be great to have a gay bar below 14th Street.

  • BobLoblaw

    He’s so full of shit. I don’t believe that anyone would be dumb enough to invest “tens of thousands” in one of the city’s deadest areas for nightlife, just to piss off Muslims.

  • roger

    this is the real deal, and i love it! count me in as someone who has emailed greg to pledge money. we should ALL be supporting him.

    r.i.p. western europe! but we will not follow your lead in letting these anti-western and uncivilized radicals ruin our culture and destroy our nation from within.

  • whatever

    @roger: Yes, this Muslim Horde in Europe. Muslims make up a whopping THREE PERCENT of Europe’s population and maybe ONE PERCENT of the US population. But you bedwetters would have everyone believe otherwise.

  • Mike


    Oh grow up. Hopefully you will begin thinking like a mature adult someday. Until then, stay away from sharp objects.

  • walt

    Someone hand Roger a sharp object. Please.

  • Cam


    People used to say the same thing about the first people to open up clubs in Tribecca or the Meatpacking district.

    As for all the people with their knee jerk reactions. Why do I care why he is opening up a bar? Most of the bar owners in NYC are fairly shady folks. If the patrons of the new Mosque are bigots then I don’t give a fuck what they think. If they are tolerant to the gay bar, then it is a bug fuck you to all the people saying that all muslims are bigots and homophobic. Sounds pretty win/win to me.

  • BobLoblaw

    “People used to say the same thing about the first people to open up clubs in Tribecca or the Meatpacking district.”

    And maybe, maybe it could be pulled off, by someone with a more coherent business plan than “attempting to piss off Muslims.”

    As for why I care, I resent my sexuality being used as a political tool by an anti-First Amendment crowd who mostly don’t give a fuck about gay rights.

  • adman

    Total narcissism groomed into people privileged from birth to indulge their never ending impulse towards mediocrity is not pretty, people.

  • CHIP1218

    The estimate for 2010 is there are 10 million Muslims in the USA, that is more than the amount of Jews in this country, and not 1% of the population.

  • Rhane

    I’m willing to try and put my cynicism aside for one moment and not be offended that some straight guy is trying to thrust gays in the face of Muslims under the pretense that American non-Muslims are so much more tolerant than American Muslims.

    But putting that fallacy aside, let’s be serious. The only patrons to that bar will be Fox News journalist for the first month. Then it will be dead. This whole thing is a waste of money and time.

  • whatever

    @CHIP1218: Ok. 3.3333%. THEY ARE FUCKING TAKING OVER!!!11one!

  • B

    No. 15 · Rhane wrote, “The only patrons to that bar will be Fox News journalist for the first month. Then it will be dead. This whole thing is a waste of money and time.”

    … if you are right, they’ll find out soon enough, but at least it will not be a waste of my time and money (nor yours)!

  • GOProud Tea Party Homocon

    Whoa! Look at all you haters!

  • Scott in NYC

    Unbelievable…tolerance DEMANDED for the Muslim community but not of them. Un$%@##[email protected] The gay bar is proposed to “piss them off” but the Muslim Community Center in the heart of Ground Zero area re-build is not characterized as trying to piss anyone off or at least be provocative. DOUBLE STANDARDS DON’T HELP ANYONE. Demand tolerance? Then expect to have tolerance demanded of you. Same rules for everyone.

  • gregger

    @CHIP1218: very interesting as the figures compiled in October 2009 for the US show;

    Protestant Christian 51.3%
    Roman Catholic 23.9%
    Other Christian 3.3%
    Judaism 1.7%
    Buddhist .7%
    Muslim .6%
    Hindi .4%
    Other 1.2%
    None 16.1%

    The Pew Forum Breaks it down further (with a .6% margin of error)

    Evangelical Protestant 26.3%
    Mainline Protestant 18.1%
    African Amer-Protestant 6.9%
    Catholic 23.9%
    Mormon 1.7%
    Jo’s Witness .7%
    Orthodoxy .6%
    other Christian .3%
    Judaism 1.7%
    Buddhist .7%
    Muslim .6%
    Hindi .4%
    Other world religions .3%
    Other faiths 1.2%
    None 16.1%
    Don’t know/refused .8%

    While you’re at it try this.

  • wayne

    I think the bar might be a good idea.Since I don’t like moslems or weinie smoochers maybe the two groups will have a big blow up and kill each other.

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