“Ex-Gay” Pastor Boots Homo from Home

Some gays have a flair for the dramatic, but South African pals Ben Dlamini and Lethuxolo Mafunisa deserve special recognition.

You see, Dlamini, an “ex-gay” pastor, loves his gay friend Mafunisa, but simply can’t cope when his homo ways under his holy roof. So, using his religion as a shield, Dlamini gave him the boot. Said Dlamini:

No homosexuality in my house, I am a pastor. I was once gay and proud of it and lived that lifestyle to the fullest. I have turned my back on that and I am now a priest serving God only. My house serves as a church too.

I have a congregation who knows that I am no longer gay and have given my life to God. What will my parish think when they hear that a gay couple live in my house.

Mafunisa’s boyfriend, meanwhile, calls “bullshit” on Dlamini: “I don’t know when he became straight because the whole congregation is gay!” Girl, there’s some shady shit going on.