EXCLUSIVE: Fran Drescher Slams Kirk Cameron, Goes Easy On Michele And Marcus Bachmann

Last night at New York City’s just-opened XL nightclub, longtime ally Fran Drescher presided over the gay wedding of a couple as part of a promotion for tonight’s second-season premiere of her TV show Happily Divorced.

Before the wedding, Queerty got in some questions with the flashy girl from Flushing, who was once married to a gay man herself—an experience that is drawn on for Happily Divorced.

We asked her what she thought of anti-gay figures like NJ gov. Chris Christie, Growing Pains national homophobe Kirk Cameron, and Michele Bachmann’s ex-gay-clinic-running husband Marcus Bachmann. The Nanny star was refreshingly diplomatic, which was surprising to us given that she plays very mouthy characters on TV.

On Christie, Drescher said we need to be mindful of the national arc of marriage equality: “I am fairly confident that within this decade we’re going to see a significant shift. I feel that the human experience has a diverse range to it, and I feel that this is a civil-liberties act and an opportunity for America to move outside of its comfort zone and further realize the American Dream.”

As for Cameron, who has refused to apologize for calling gays “unnatural,” she slammed back, saying he might think he’s living in a “religious dictatorship.” Said Drescher: “I think that he’s confusing our country, which is a country that separates church from state, with a religious dictatorship, and that he should reexamine what it means to be an American.”

And of Michele and Marcus Bachmann, she would not comment except to say that she wishes all closeted gays would just come out.

“I think that everybody has a right to live an authentic life,” said Drescher. “And to repress your orientation is a life that will be fraught with all kinds of issues that will manifest from not being honest. Shakespeare said it best, ‘To thine own self be true.’ ”

Click through for the full interview with Fran Drescher, priestess of marriage equality. The second season of Happily Divorced premieres tonight, Wednesday March 7, on TV Land at 10:30pm EST/PST.