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  • Bitch Republic

    Why do you assume Drudge is using the C-word here? Perhaps he means Concession Day, as in if Hillary loses, she’ll be giving a concession speech to announce she’s giving up.

  • rickroberts

    Matt Drudge is a bitter repressed homosexual. We’d be better off to ignore him. Sweet justice will be if Senator Clinton pulls another New Hampshire tomorrow.

  • I'm So Sure, Helen

    Hmmm. Maybe he means Clinton Day, since it, too, starts with a C.

  • Bitch Republic

    I like you, Rick Roberts, hope Hillary pulls a New Hampshire tomorrow!!!!

    Barack Obama does NOT have as wide appeal as the mainstream media tries to make it seem. If he had as much appeal and momentum as they like to claim, he’d be up much more than 92 delegates. Obama is only 0.07% ahead of Clinton at this point. Calls from “journalists” in the mainstream media for Hillary to end her campaign now are very, VERY premature.

    Hillary Clinton will not end her campaign this week. Sorry haters.

  • rickroberts

    True, BR. If BO had such wide appeal, he would be winning the populous states where most people in the country actually live. Senator Clinton has won New York, California, New Jersey, Michigan, Florida Massachusetts, New Mexico. This is not an insignificant feat.

  • mjc

    how about we put a positive spin on it, and call it COMEBACK day? its a c… could also mean centipede day. drudge is an idiot to the highest degree.

  • fredo777


    I still hope Obama pulls off the win.

  • Maverick69

    It’s just Drudge trying to be the Walter Winchell of the 21st century. He’s not as clever.

    Nothing here. Let’s keep it moving folks.

  • Jack Jett

    Matt Drudge has a big dick and a face to protect it.

    Let us assume he was calling her a cunt. FINE.
    She has been called that, bitch and more.

    We need a bitchy cunt to get us out of the mess that pussy Bush got us into.

  • Bitch Republic

    YAY! It turned out to be COMEBACK DAY after all.

  • rickroberts

    Yes! C-Day!

    C=Comeback kid!

    Hill is tough as nails. Just what we need at this time in our history. A velvet glove. Go, Hillary!

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