Facebook Bites Gay Cop’s Ass (Again)

The internet can sting at any time – and more than just once!

You may remember Chris Dreyfus as the British copper who got flack for his lickin’, spankin’ gay Facebook page. Well, poor Dreyfus’ digital past cost him a promotion:

Inspector Chris Dreyfus, 30, British Transport Police’s head of royalty and government protection, had been offered a position as a chief inspector with Bedfordshire Police after an interview on February 13.

But the force subsequently withdrew the offer after carrying out background checks on him.

They discovered he had received a disciplinary warning from his seniors at British Transport Police over his Facebook page.

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said: “After the interview (on 13 February) we ran routine background checks and we were told he had a live sanction against him. “Therefore we felt unable to proceed with the job offer.”

Speaking of flashbacks, here’s how BTP spokesman Simon Ludin said last year, when the original story broke: “We will look into [suspension], but our professional standards people had a quick look yesterday and didn’t find anything wrong.”

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