NEWS: Trump Stumps For Wintour, Tees With Grace & Adam Lambert’s “Fiasco”

I think this is a favor to the country. She’s a very capable person, a very good friend of my wife Malania and mine, but a very, very fine person and she’s tough and she’s smart and she gets it…She would do things that nobody else could do in this position…this has nothing to do with the fact that I like her.”

Donald Trump endorsing Anna Wintour’s prospective ambassadorship.


– The year 2012, according to Burberry.


– Adam Lambert and Sir Ian McKellen cover Fiasco‘s “Obsession” issue.


– Among Trophy Pony‘s amazing shirts. Personal favorite:


– Lacoste’s polo of the future.


Esquire España is fine and very dandy for its December 2012 issue.


Sony’s new ads reimagine music icons as earbuds.


– Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2013 ad campaign has us all in check.


– A cable knit onesie, also known as “EVERYTHING.”