#FastFoodBroadway is trending on Twitter and the puns just. Won’t. STOP.

Scene from Broadway's

After breaking down nearly every pun, parody and general lol over a rumored high school production of RENT that swapped out AIDS for diabetes, it appears Twitter isn’t quite finished with its musical theater giggle fit.

Earlier today, the hashtag #FastFoodBroadWay began trending, and people just can’t quit quipping.

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What is Fast Food Broadway?

Well if you have to ask, you’re already overthinking it — Twitter users are combining the names of plays with some element of fast food, and bam — you get:

OK, nobody said the game was particularly heady.

But it is somewhat satisfying, no?

Almost as satisfying, perhaps, as large order of:

Scroll down for more cheap laughs and busted gags:

And… Scene.