Father’s Day: Five Great Books About Dads, Daddies And Fathers

Assisted Loving
: True Tales Of Double-Dating With My Dad
By Bob Morris

What It’s About: Subtitled “True Tales of Double Dating With My Dad,” Morris is a gay son who gets to tag along with his 80-year-old father, Joe, who is now single and still plenty horny. At the same time, Morris obsesses with his own problems as a flabby, middle-aged guy looking for love in Manhattan’s youth-obsessed gay scene, while also turning into a bit of a yenta for fun-loving dad.

Daddy Quotient: This breezy memoir will get you thinking about how much your own perceptions of Dear Old Dad are colored by your own expectations—and why parents aren’t the only ones who feel disappointed when their family member doesn’t quite adhere to those psychic constraints.