Fergie’s latest comments about Prince Andrew raise eyebrows

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (Photo: Shutterstock)

Prince Andrew’s former wife, Sarah Ferguson, has given a gushing interview about her ex-husband.

Speaking on the UK’s Times Radio on Tuesday, Ferguson, 62, was asked if she would still marry the Prince if she could go back in time. She replied: “Oh, yes. He’s a very good and kind man. He’s a good man.”

She went on to reminisce about her wedding day to Queen Elizabeth’s second-oldest son.

“I think my life is an amazing life. I think I’ve been very lucky. And I’m now just beginning my life again. I think it’s pretty cool to be able to say that.”

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Ferguson recently netted herself a 22-book deal with Australian publishers Serenity Press. She will co-author the books with established writers. She is also engaged with various charitable causes.

Her support for Prince Andrew has raised some eyebrows. In February, Prince Andrew agreed to a financial settlement “in principle” with Virginia Giuffre in the civil case brought against him in New York.

Prince Andrew
Andrew, Duke of York (Photo: Shutterstock)

Giuffre has accused the Duke of York of sexual abuse on three occasions dating back 20 years. She says she was introduced to Andrew through his friendship with the late, convicted sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew has always denied the allegations.

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The fallout from that scandal saw the Prince stripped of his military titles, patronages, and other honors. He was pointedly excluded from most of the recent Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations. The one event he was invited to attend, a commemoration service at Westminster Abbey, he dropped out of after testing positive for Covid.

Andrew was due to attend the country’s ‘Order of the Garter’ ceremony on Monday, which bestows honors on those who have contributed to public life. However, at the last minute, his attendance was reportedly ditched under the orders of Prince Charles and Prince William.

Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson married in 1986. They separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996, but have remained close. They famously still live together.

When asked about their living arrangements by Times Radio, Ferguson said she was out of the UK for much of the time doing charity work.

“We are divorced. I think it’s very important … that people realize that I don’t spend long here in England because I don’t wish to. I’d much prefer being out.

“I’ve built 156 schools in Africa and Poland. And, you know, and I just want to keep going doing my philanthropy work.”

Ferguson’s defense of Andrew as a “good and kind man” has raised some eyebrows online.