grand finale

Final moments of Colton Underwood Netflix series have viewers asking “WTF?”

It turns out some people actually watched Coming Out Colton, the new reality series documenting former Bachelor Colton Underwood’s coming out experience, through to completion. And many were less than inspired by the show’s final moments.

Underwood, who has previously said he hopes the show can help those who “didn’t understand” his decision to come out, closes out the 6-part series by reflecting on his journey and mentioning the many LGBTQ activists whose efforts and sacrifice have led to greater acceptance.

“There’s been people before me who have helped me be able to sit in the chair right now and talk with you on a national platform,” he says.

“There’s going to be people after me that will continue to push and change people’s hearts and change people’s minds.”

A montage then runs through historical moments, from Stonewall to political marches to the Pulse nightclub tragedy, and highlights key figures like Harvey Milk and Marsha P. Johnson.

But what was surely intended as a respectful acknowledgment rubbed many viewers the wrong way, and folks were left wondering how it makes any sense that Underwood’s story relates to these landmark figures and events.

Here’s how some reacted: