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Finding Out If That John Gave You the ‘The Hiv’ Now Takes Just 4 Weeks!


Once upon a time, a trim fortysomething blonde woman with sparse freckles, a warm smile, and turtle earrings at a walk-in health clinic told us our HIV test would only be able to determine infections that took place over three months ago and not, however, whether last week’s hook up just endangered our lives. Such were the pitfalls of HIV testing then: According to the CDC, it took at least three (and up to six) months for your body to produce enough HIV antibodies after infection for a blood test to detect them. But now, the British HIV/AIDS organization Terrence Higgins Trust says they’ve got their hands on a new “rapid” test that can determine infections that took place just four weeks prior.

We’re not sure how this works, exactly. But: While you still won’t know how dangerous last week’s dong was, you will be able to ditch the condoms sooner into a monogamous relationship. If you’re that sort of risk taker.