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  • dgz

    REAL gaydar has nothing to do with dress, or broken wrists. if it was that obvious, even stupid hets could do it.

  • alan brickman

    It’s just jealously under a different name….for straight hating loser queens….

  • galefan2004

    Seriously, its gotten harder to tell because straight men are getting much more in touch with their actual emotional sides and starting to look much better in general. They are more worried about how they look and they take just as much mirror time as their ladies now. They are also, in general, much more open and honest about their actual feelings than they have ever been able to be in previous generations. I think one of the coolest things I’ve seen to sum this up was Russel in Big Brother 11 talking to Kevin about being gay like it was absolutely no big deal. Hell, in some areas of this country, the straight people have become more accepting of gay people than the gay people themselves.

  • dgz

    @alan brickman:
    i dare you to go one day without using the word “jealous” or a synonymn. and then i dare you to make sense.

  • daftpunkydavid

    it’s sort of funny to see the peeps at the nypost, and here at queerty and on towleroad etc talk about this; one really gets the feeling that you guys are old… i mean, really old i’m in miy mid twenties and what is being described here has more or less always been the case, imho.
    and dgz: “stupid hets” have gaydar too, i’m not sure i understand your 1st comment…

  • M Shane

    Gaydar never really existed where I live, everyone is so deeply closeted and monogamous. Thats the midwest. They have always gotten “married’ and moved to the suburbs. It’s not uncommon for people who are 40 to have had sex with only I person in their lives. The gay population is supposedly large but you would never know it unless you went to a gay church or one of the few bars.So, they are afraid , I think to let anyone know that they might be queer. I cruise all the time, having lived in San Fran. most of my life and the mutual regognition is great fun & gives a feeling of familiarity and security.

    Extrapolating from the above example, I think that gaydar would naturally be dying because of peoples desire to ape heterosexists and be assimilated. If you’re married, or planning to you only want to show interest in potential partners, not just anyone, and not just for the fun or affirmation of it. Hubby might get jealous. I’ve honestly had people blow me off when I just tried talking to them innocently saying “I;m married and I’m monogamous”.
    Losing gaydar is one of the blessings of the new Right wing Mainstreaming politics, and loss of community. Sad.

  • M Shane

    Oh ,I was going to say too that a number of people have addressed the general issue of our losing a whole variety of different social skills that we had once fostered and that gave gays a sense of identity. Roles writes positively about regaining this despite AIDS in ‘ “Reviving the Tribe”.

  • dgz

    @daftpunkydavid: a) it was a joke. and b) real gaydar exists, i have it, it’s classified.

  • Qjersey

    Gaydar is all about eye contact. Straight guys don’t look you in the eye the same way a gay man does.

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