Brits Get Hitched

First Gay Wedding To Take Place In UK This Weekend

Nick-CleggFollowing the passing of landmark legislation allowing same-sex marriage in England and Wales, the first gay weddings in the UK will take place this weekend on Saturday, March 29th.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the UK, Nick Clegg (pictured), has always been a strong supporter of marriage equality and gay rights in the UK. He said today (25th March) that:

“I strongly want to join my Right Honourable Friend in recognizing the joy of many same-sex couples who will finally be able to marry under British law this weekend.

It’s a great, great moment, it’s a day which they will always remember and I hope it’s a day the nation will never forget. I think it’s a great, great step forward for us all.”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron, also a strong supporter of gay rights, spoke to Attitude magazine for the special wedding edition:

“Making marriage available to everyone goes beyond individual relationships, proposals and weddings – it says something deeper too about the sort of country we are.

This is a country with proud traditions of tolerance, respect and equal worth. With this reform we are being true to those values.

In turn we are sending a powerful message to young people growing up who are uncertain about their sexuality: we are telling them that they are equal.”

One of the first couples to be married will be John Coffey (52) and Bernardo Marti (47). The wedding will take place in the Mayfair Library in Westminster, London, at midnight.

“Other people would always get married. But it would never be me. So it’s the strangest thing,” said Coffey, speaking to The Guardian. “Suddenly we became really aware of the historical significance. And so, like other same-sex weddings on this day, the guest list has swollen to accommodate huge media interest.”

Bernardo Marti and John Coffey
John Coffey and Bernardo Marti