First Licensed LGBT Adoption Agency in U.S. Declares Bankruptcy

glass-youth-are-unitedThe Global Financial Apocalypse is starting to take its toll on gay and lesbian non-profits. Yesterday, the board of directors of L.A.’s Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services (GLASS) voted 7-0 to declare bankruptcy. The service provides group homes for approximately 40 LGBT teens as well as transitional living for 25 more. Most have suffered from abuse and neglect. Staffers at GLASS are furious and are planning to go to the courts to keep the GLASS’ doors open.

Pam’s House Blend reports:

“This is a world-class disaster,” DeCrescenzo told me by phone, noting that GLASS just became the first licensed LGBT adoption agency in the country. Their primary program is providing group homes for 40 LGBT 15-17 year olds, and transitional living for 25 teens between 17-19.

“Where are those kids going to go? The county will tell you they’ll place them somewhere. But you tell me – who wants or who knows how to work with trans kids? My guess is that the kids will run away and we’ll see them on the streets.”

DeCrescenzo says she believes the board filed for Chapter 7 out of fear of their own personal liability because the agency was behind in paying Worker’s Comp and with the IRS. But she says an LA County contract check was expected to cover the gap and she could work out a payment plan with the IRS.

Additionally, the reorganization plan would change the group home structure from a “family style” of six beds with two fulltime staff to 12-bed congregate living – hardly ideal but “better than going under.”

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