Flagging Comments

Introducing a new (long in the works) feature on Queerty: comment flagging. Next to each comment, you’ll notice a link to “flag” it. If enough readers flag the same comment, it’ll be submitted for further review by Queerty. It’s our community-organized way of keeping the site an open forum for readers while limiting abuse. How does this work? Well, don’t flag a comment simply because you disagree with somebody’s opinion — you wouldn’t like that done to you. But does the comment contain hateful language? Does it contain needless profanity and offensive slurs? Is it completely off-topic? Is it spam or an ad? Then flag it. We won’t remove differences of opinion or constructive arguments. But Queerty’s comment threads are not dumping grounds for anyone’s hate speech or sad attempts at provoking backlash. There’s Blogger for that. (And is the flagging system not perfect yet? Let us know. We’re working out any kinks.) Update: We’ve also added a “@Reply” feature. Now respond directly to any specific comment by clicking the “@Reply” link. A link to the comment you’re replying to will automatically appear in the text box, making it easier to track who you’re conversing with, like so. Replying to multiple commenters? Simply click “@Reply” on each comment to include links to them in your response.