Florida AG Bill McCollum Loses GOP Nom For Governor To Gay Dating Site Guy Rick Scott

Sure, Sen. John Mccain might have beat that awful J.D. Hayworth to secure the Republican nomination for Senate, but there’s some good news out of yesterday’s primaries too: Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum — that guy — was handed a GOP gubernatorial defeat by Rick Scott, the guy who owns the dating site gays use!

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    Wondering if Scott has plans to offer George Reekers a special discount???? :p

  • 7

    They’re both fucking awful, Scott probably more so than McCollum, who always seemed to be playing catch up to Scott’s evil-a-thon. The only good news would be a train derailment that wipes out the entire Florida GOP.

  • TampaZeke

    This post is SO fucking misinformed and, I believe, intentionally misleading.

    Scott is even MORE anti-gay than McCollum. Scott’s anti-gay baiting pushed McCollum to move even more anti-gay than he had previously been.

    The Democrat Alex Sink, who has a snowball’s chance in hell, is our only hope.

    We will soon LONG for the days of Charlie Crist.

  • TampaZeke

    This post is misinformed and very misleading.

    Scott is MUCH more anti-gay than McCollum. Scott’s gay baiting pushed McCollum to move more anti-gay than he had previously been.

    Scott will be the absolute WORST case scenario for Florida gays.

    We will soon long for the days of Charlie Crist.

    Alex Sink, the Democratic nominee, has about a stowball’s chance in hell of winning here in tropical Mississippi.

  • whatever

    They are both disgusting ghouls. Isn’t Scott a Medicare fraudster? How exactly does that play in FL?

  • John (CA)

    The state government in Florida is generally aligned with pure evil. And whether Sauron or Darth Sidious wins the Republican primary (which pretty much means they have the job), the outcome for LGBT people is going to be dismal. There’s still some sanity left at the local level though.

    Buddy Dyer, the current Mayor of Orlando, is very pro-gay. Under his administration, the city passed an anti-discrimination law, formally opposed Amendment 2, and started offering employees domestic partnership benefits. The Orange County commission has, belatedly, followed the city’s lead.

    Despite fierce campaigning by the religious right, Gainesville elected a gay mayor, Craig Lowe, and rejected an effort to repeal their city’s gay rights ordinance.

  • tjr101

    Ugh, aren’t there any viable progressive candidates in Florida? They’re certainly giving Arizona competition in electing bigots.

  • Pat Duffy

    Nope. After yrs of dealing with cowardly Dems here I’m going Commmando…Party affiliation-wise. The “best” of them would be too Conservative for Bay Area Rupublicans. “Progressives”? Pure Invertebrates, the lot of them!
    The sadest yet funniest thing about the race was McCollum didn’t get in the age of pretty much everyone carrying a video camera and recorder aroun in their pocket that saying one thing to one group and another to another, then denying is long gone…

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