Florida Reluctantly Lets Gay Couples Drive Cars

1-18-15 mnwGood news, Florida queers: you can now get have a marriage license and a driver’s license. At the same time! Miraculous!

That’s thanks to Scott and Daniel Wall-DeSousa, two Floridians who got married in New York, hyphenated their last name, and then tried to get updated drivers’ licenses in Florida.

Florida didn’t care much for that, and took away their marriage licenses. Basically, if you get gay-married and you want to drive, Florida was saying that you have to do it under your old, no-longer-legal name. But now they’ve reversed course, and the two men (and presumably anyone else who gets married) are free to drive wherever they like. Unfortunately, they live in Florida, so they’ll have to drive pretty far to get to anything good.

As goofy as Florida’s rules were, other states are looking into laws that would be far worse: one lawmaker in Virginia wants to give hospitals the right to turn away gay people. And a bunch of other states want to make it legal to take away housing, employment, or access to basic businesses and services.

Being denied the services of a florist is annoying and insulting, but what happens when it’s a bank, or a school, or the one grocery store in town?