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Florida’s Heterosexual-ish Gov. Charlie Crist Comes Around On Supporting Gay Rights

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who’s ready to change his mind about everything except his sexuality to win your vote, plans to endorse a sweeping package of LGBT initiatives in his bid to become the next U.S. senator.

While Crist’s position on gay marriage hasn’t changed, the document his campaign is set to release “includes Crist’s vocal support for gay couples, including hospital visitation, inheritance and adoption rights [Ed: He’s recently indicated he’d support this]; opposition to the ban on gays serving in the military; support for anti-discrimination laws and appropriations for HIV and AIDS programs.” He even will endorse the Uniting American Families Act, which will allow gay Americans to sponsor their foreign partners for immigration papers.

This is quite a development from where Crist was just last week, where he announced on live television he would not seek to, uh, prohibit gay couples from living together.

Update: Here’s Crist’s full position paper.

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