Foley Sex Scandal Brings Back Memories

All the Foley fall out, coupled with gay history month (and a few helpful links from our friends over at Virtual Matter), bring back memories of another gay political sex scandal. Harking back to the days of George Bush Sr. (an era that seems glorious compared to the fuck-all job his son’s been doing) this scandal involved Republicunts procuring kiddie sex from a national kidnapping/pimping racket. The fall-out reached the upper echelons of the government.

Though no top leaders from the inner sanctums of the West Wing were ever arraigned, two Republican officials, George Spence and Lawrence King, took much of the heat for the scandal.

A documentary called The Conspiracy of Silence chronicling the impropriety had been scheduled to air on The Discovery Channel back in 1994. Unfortunately, after government officials threatened legislative action, it got yanked faster than a teenage wank.
Luckily, it’s available at You Tube. (Don’t you love the internet?) We’d post it for you, but it’s about an hour long and, well, we can’t do everything for you.

Also, another source tells us that one of the boys kidnapped and sold into the sex ring recently surfaced on his mother’s door step and told her that he he could never testify because too many high ranking officials would be implicated, thus putting his already torturous life in danger. He then kissed her and made himself scarce. No word’s been heard from him since.

This was way before Mark Foley’s time, but we bet the pervo’s sorry he missed all those late-night kiddie orgies. (Oh, and if you’re wondering what that picture is, it’s Lady Justice, flying down to start some major shit.)