Former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Finally Apologizes For Anti-Gay Moves Of Bush Campaign

At a personal level, I wish I had spoken out against the effort. As I’ve been involved in the fight for marriage equality, one of the things I’ve learned is how many people were harmed by the campaigns in which I was involved. I apologize to them and tell them I am sorry. While there have been recent victories, this could still be a long struggle in which there will be setbacks, and I’ll do my part to be helpful…

Most polls now show that a majority of Americans support gay marriage. What you see in Maryland and Washington, and states like New York earlier, is a reflection of politicians representing their constituents.

For the first time ever, Republican strategist Ken Mehlman admits remorse to for his involvement in George W. Bush’s 2004 campaign. After coming out in 2010, he has lobbied prominent Republicans on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and on gay marriage in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and New Hampshire.

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  • prince of snides aka divkid

    bitch say whaaa?!
    you only learned you’d hurt people, in retrospect? it didn’t, like, cross your mind when you helped plan and sell those anti-gay policies? mmmkay.

    you’re a useful idiot for now. but be in no doubt if you weren’t gay yourself, i.e had a dog in the effin race, you along with other homocons (real libertarians accepted; a tiny minority) would be virulently anti-gay — instead of just assisting those cunts part-time.

  • Robert in NYC

    “While there have been recent victories, this could still be a long struggle in which there will be setbacks, and I’ll do my part to be helpful…”

    Hmmm, those setbacks Ken….they heppen when you support the likes of homophobe, pro DOMA weeper of the House, John Boehner. I don’t consider your apology as sincere.

  • Mr. Robertson

    What a repellent human being.

  • TMikel

    Much too little much to late! The damage he helped cause can never be undone. He should crawl back under his rock – and stay there!

  • Henry Holland

    How typical, classic PR move. Someone does nasty, awful things that hurt people, then they see the light and they act like an apology will forgive their past actions.

    Nope, not buying that crap from this man.

  • tjr101

    Gay Republicans are gross. Apology my ass, this two faced liar still goes to the polls and votes in right-wing bigots and contributes loads of cash to these scumbags. He should go back into his hole and beat off to a picture of Reagan and Bush like he always does.

    And why is there an ad for anti-gay bigot Allen West on this website?

  • randy

    He should personally apologize to any parent who child was bullied, or commited suicide, or even attempted suicide during the Bush years. He should also tell all those politicians who benefited and won election from the GOP strategy of gay bashing that they should now support gay rights, and that if they don’t, he will personally campaign against them.

    Those are just two things off the top of my head can I can think of that would mean a lot more than a generic apology in Salon. I’m sure I can think of more.

  • SteveC

    Doesn’t Mehlman support that homophobic bigot John Boehner still – you know the douchebag who wants a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality.

    Mehlman’s hypocrisy is sickening. He’s a contemptible gay Quisling.

  • disco lives

    He wasn’t just “involved” in the Bush re-election campaign, he was the campaign manager. He embraced the idea of pushing meaningless anti-gay constitutional amendments in states like Ohio just to bring out the evangelicals for Bush on election day. (it worked)

    Even in 2006 (not ancient history) he was chairman of the Republican National Committee and again pushed the Federal Marriage Amendment as a way of embarrassing Democratic members of Congress from competetive states like Harold Ford (who was also the victim of the RNC’s racist “Harold, Call Me” ad which Ken had no problem with.

    Ken is only sorry now because he is retired from party politics and simply wants to get invited to gay parties and get laid. He should stick to his paid escorts.

  • WillBFair

    What he’s done and continues to do to us is bad enough. But he also helped re-elect W., who destroyed the national economy, put millions out of work, wasted billions on a useless war, and on and on. I’d say put him on a no date list except that there are plenty of gay hicks who would kiss up to him in three seconds flat.

  • Kyle

    Go FUCK yourself ASSHOLE.

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    is he being paid, directly, or indirectly, for his lgbt advocacy/lobbying?

    regardless, this new phase is hardly a selfless act: now he’s able to live openly without the fear of a scandalous outing; affording him greater opportunity for (delusional) sexual partners, and a stable personal life. so, he’s sacrificed precisely what for his “redemption”?

    further, he’s not bravely out on a limb here, either: any rational being could detect which way the wind was blowing; and who doesn’t want to be on the right side of history?

    but you can be certain he’ll find a way to personally gain from this damascene conversion. if we let him, that is.

  • the crustybastard

    “When it served my career to attack your rights, I did. Over and over and over. But I got rich and successful doing it. When it served me personally to change my tune because I wanted to get married, I did. I am happily married now.

    So um, sorry for all you folks in Constitutional amendment states…Whoopsie.”


    Take your apology and go jump up your own asshole, Mehlman.


  • Blahqula

    After a lifetime of unspeakable damage inflicted on the United States and it’s culture at large, I’d like to say please let me into the next fundraiser without kicking my pointy head in. This apology is not just another craven attempt to rewrite history to the benefit of the dark, evil party and it’s potential to screw each and every other American out his/her birthright.

    It is in fact a genuinely sadistic bid to remind you you’re not ever going to see the promise of The United States of America, neither will your descendants for generations to come. Just give up and let us do as we please, we really need to enshrine our mal-adapted and nihilistic perspective into human law for eternity now, and you homo-people are hurting our chances.

    —Ken Mehlman.

  • drewa24

    Apology NOT accepted FUCKTARD!! The jail you and your kind were designing for us is the one you can ROT IN!!

  • Curtis

    Yes Yes, we know your just a puppet, and gay for pay.

    But you know, the fact is very few politicians are willing to say that.. even if they are just trying to get your vote…. don’t fall for it xD

    The truth will set you free, Ken.

  • Brian Martin

    Apology not accepted Benedict Mehlman. It is one thing to be in the closet and do what you will to protect that closet. But, it is another matter entirely to actively work against and help author policies that lead way in codifying LGBT citizens as second class citizens both nationally and in state after state. You can never do enough to make up for the harm you have caused.

  • Mike on Asheville

    @Kyle: +100%.

    One of my all-time favorite memories of my dad, I was visiting him at his office, when his secretary brought in some papers. My dad give them a quick read, you could almost see the steam blowing from his ears when he picked up the phone. When he reached whomever he was calling, he shouted, “Fuck you; nasty letter to follow!” and slammed the receiver down.

  • Jasun Mark

    I love how he tries to downplay all the pain that he created. He was the one who was front and center, he wasn’t just a part of it.

    Scum of the earth.

    Luckily that’s all he will even be. If we learned anything from Anita Bryant’s husband’s obit, it’s that when you lead a charge like that, people will never forgive and never forget.

  • kendoll

    So many made their way sleeping with the enemy Mel While, Ken Mehlman, and on and on. And now so ready to join the cause after all the harm they did.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Until gay marriage is legal in all 50 states, the District of Columbia (check), Puerto Rico and all U.S. territories, you will not be forgiven.

    Until those who bully gay children for being gay are brought to justice and forced to pay huge debts to society, you will not be forgiven.

    Until sexual orientation is included in all anti-discrimination laws, you will not be forgiven.

    Unless you are actively taking part in those changes, you will not be forgiven.

  • Daniel Henry

    go eat shit fuckwad… made a shitload of $$$ by denouncing gays while you were sucking cock.

    you are the biggest douchebag and the ultimate looser.

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