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Fort Worth Teacher Reinstated After Ejecting Student For Anti-Gay Comment

Kristopher Franks—the Fort Worth teacher who gained nationwide attention after he ousted student Dakota Ary (pictured) from his German class for saying “No gays allowed in Christianity”—has been cleared of all allegations of improper behavior and reinstated as a teacher. Here’s the weird part though: the allegations of improper behavior that the school district just investigated him for had nothing at all to do with situation involving Ary. Franks wouldn’t elaborate—weird.

Nevertheless, Franks will return to school and speak to the district’s world languages supervisor to see if he should continue teaching at Western Hills High or transfer to another school in the district. Since receiving nationwide attention for his incident with Ary, Franks has begun receiving lots of insulting and threatening hate mail and phone calls.

“Now” Franks says, “I just have to figure out how to fix the damage this whole thing has done to my personal life.” He has also hired a personal attorney to consider what possible actions he might take against “those people who have lied and made false allegations against me.”

Meanwhile Ary’s lawyer and parents still want the school to “vindicate Ary and say that he did nothing wrong,” adding, “He should never have been written up for an infraction. He should never have been sent to the office, and he should never have been suspended.”

The school immediately reversed the decision to suspend Ary, though according to Franks, Ary directed his anti-gay comment at him for his perceived homosexuality even though day’s lesson had nothing at all to do with homos.