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Does Fox News actually want its viewers to get sick?

A medical “expert” on Fox News has raised eyebrows after encouraging viewers to actively seek out and contract COVID-19.

Dr. Nicole Saphier made the claim during a segment opposite Fox News host Bill Hemmer on Wednesday (December 15). Hemmer had previously claimed the “virus is dying out” while discussing the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Research remains ongoing as to the transmissibility of the variant, and if it causes more severe symptoms.

“When the virus mutates and gets stronger, we might be in trouble,” Hemmer claimed. “But when the virus mutates and gets weaker, that’s a great sign.”

Saphier–a certified radiologist, not a virologist–downplayed the danger of COVID-19.

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“We should be able to move forward and allow for the fact that this virus is causing very mild illness in people who are vaccinated and younger populations and including those people who have become boosted,” Saphier said. “There will always be people who are vulnerable to this virus, just like every year we see people vulnerable to flu and other causes of pneumonia. But for the rest of society, it is time to move forward.”

She then encouraged unvaccinated viewers to contract the virus on purpose.

“At this point, it is time to move forward and allow this mild infection to circulate so we can continue that hybrid immunity, the combination of vaccine-induced and natural immunity, which has proven to be the most robust form of immunity that will continue to build that wall of protection,” Saphier recommended.

Saphier also made the claim without irony as Fox showed medical technicians in gas masks treating patients in quarantine.

For the record, every time an unvaccinated host contracts COVID-19, the virus mutates. Both the Omicron variant and Delta variant earlier this year resulted from infections in an unvaccinated population. Furthermore, data shows that the immunity offered by vaccines is much stronger and longer-lasting than the so-called “natural” immunity granted by infection, and avoids the risk of long-term complications from viral infection. The Center for Disease Control also recommends vaccination to anyone who has already contracted and recovered from the virus.