Fox News Unwittingly Defends The Gays


Julie Banderas of Fox News recently lost her cool and started quoting scripture while “interviewing” Mistress of Protesting at Dead Soldiers’ Funerals Shirley Phelps-Roper on some show called The Big Story. After Phelps-Roper called Banderas a “bimbo,” it all went downhill, and Banderas even went so far as to say, “You are the devil. If you believe in the Bible, Miss, you are going to Hell.”

And then things got really out of control when the normally calm and collected Banderas started swearing, “‘God Hates Fags.’ You are breaching absolute B. And you know the final letter!” Whoa there. We don’t think Bill O’Reilly would approve of that sort of language or, more importantly, the pro-gay sentiment even if it was a slip of the tongue.

Watch the video after the jump.

[via Pen15 Club]

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  • Jon

    This morning, Howard Stern called Shirley to debate his announcer, George Takei (Sulu of Star Trek, 69, came out last year). Howard thought it was a crummy interview on Fox since they just screamed at eachother, so he asked George Takei to take a stab at it. It’s a pretty good exchange if you like listening to how crazy-scary people are. Repeats on Sirius 100 all day

  • Hephaestion

    Apparently Shirley Phelps hasn’t yet figured out that Fred Phelps is a big ol’ Closet Case.

  • Oliver

    Wow, happily we don’t get anything approaching that in NZ (not to say there aren’t problems, but not anywhere near as severe). Not being in the US alli know of Fox is that tend to be conservative, that said from that interview i like that interviewer…

  • jason

    Julie Banderas is my new hero. She has single handedly done for Fox News what no other has done- made it credible and true. That’s fair and balanced coverage and I fuckin love it.

    Jason- Sydney Australia.

  • John Paulus

    Actually, you are very mistaken. Bill O’Reilly has ALWAYS been very supportive of gays. I think FOX gets accused of things by people who don’t watch the show. The are fair and balanced. And yes I am a gay man.

  • Kerry

    Julie Banderas was completely out of control, totally unprofessional and discourteous. It wasnt an interview- it was a screechfest. Shirley has a right to state her opinions. So does Julie. But Julie, as host, had the obligation to allow her guest to finish what she was saying. Why Shirley gets so many people steamed up is beyond my comprehension. She’s not saying anything unusual. These type of hellfire preachers used to be a dime a dozen. In fact, for most of Christian history, God was usually depicted in this angry, vengeful light. The idea of an all-loving God is a very recent one. It’s not supported by most of the Old Testament. Shirley is correct in preaching “God” as jealous, wrathful and vindictive, because that’s precisely how most of the Bible depicts Him. Instead of venting your rage onto Shirley, why not get mad at REAL villains- like warmongers, terrorists, child-rapists, and other evil-doers? She isn’t committing any crime, nor is she inciting any one else to commit criminal acts. If you ever take the trouble to read the FAQ’s on the WBC website, you will see that they CAN back up everything they say with Scripture. That doesn’tmean that I agree with their interpretations. What it does mean is that she has a right to say what she believes.

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