Fred Karger Is at the Prop 8 Trial. So What’s Giving Him Reason to Smile?

Oh now these interviews are just excellent. Without a live feed from the Perry trial (which is on hiatus today, for the holiday), it’s sometimes hard to get a glimpse of what’s going on at the federal courthouse in San Francisco. Yes, live tweet coverage helps, but so too does coverage from Latter-Day Chino‘s Chris Morrow, Richard Stapler, and Californians Against Hate’s Fred Karger, who files this interview report with Harvey Milk’s nephew Stuart Milk, San Francisco’s chief deputy city attorney Therese Stewart (who says Olson/Boies has really welcomed the city’s involvement), activist Adam Hahn, and Perry plaintiff attorney David Boies.

And it’ll have to suffice, until John Ireland’s creative reenactment of the trial, to be uploaded to YouTube based on blogger accounts. (Filming already began, and we’re expecting big things!)

Meet Stapler, who’s conducting (some of?) the interviews, in the first segment below from Sacramento.