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Freshly out, freshly single Aaron Carter says he’s ‘looking forward’ to the future

It’s been quite the week for former tween pop star Aaron Carter. He’s been all over the news after coming out on Twitter on Sunday.

“I grew up in this entertainment industry at a very young age and when I was around 13-years-old I started to find boys and girls attractive,” he tweeted.

Now, in his first interview since coming out on Sunday, Carter has opened up to celebrity podcast “The Bert Short” about what the experience has been like so far.

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When asked how he’s been doing, Carter replied:

All I can say is that I’m really looking forward to the future right now – and whether I choose to be with a woman or a man is my decision. No one else’s. To be honest, I’ve been thinking about it for years. I just felt like it was something I needed to do. I was having some personal issues, some turmoil in my ex-relationship. It was something that I just felt like was important and I needed to say. It was a part of a new chapter of turning 30…

As for his recent breakup with Madison Parker, Carter says, his bisexuality played a key role in their split:

I had discussed it with my ex-girlfriend and she didn’t really understand it. She didn’t want to, and that was it… We parted ways…I don’t really know what else to say about it.

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As far as what advice he might give to others who are coming out, Carter had this to say:

The process is at your own pace and when you feel comfortable. There might be a lot of people who don’t agree with it, but you might be surprised by the people who do….I was shocked. I was blown away [by the supportive comments].

Then he reiterated:

I am a single man right now. And whether I choose to be with a woman or a man is my decision.

Listen to the full interview below.

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  • DCguy

    “”I had discussed it with my ex-girlfriend and she didn’t really understand it. She didn’t want to, and that was it… We parted ways…I don’t really know what else to say about it. “”

    If he was bisexual there isn’t a huge reason it should be a problem. Just because a person is bisexual doesn’t mean that HAVE to sleep with both sexes at the same time. If they are with a man or a woman, they are fully capable of being in a happy monogamous relationship.

    It sounds like Carter was telling her he wanted to sleep with guys and she wasn’t into it.

    • Donston

      Even when I was dating women though I knew the majority of my sexual attractions were with men I felt no need or even desire to sleep with them.

      That’s the biggest reason dudes come out to their long-term girlfriends. They’re either leaving them to be with a man or they’re asking for permission to have sex with guys. The majority of men who have some type of bisexual attractions don’t actually have any desire to have persistent sexual encounters with both men and women or any sexual encounters with multiple genders at all, especially not when in a relationship. If you’re looking to have persistent sexual encounters with men and women there are typically other things going on that extend beyond your inherent sexual attractions (narcissism, megalomania, ego-dystonia, wanting to be with someone of your gender but also wanting to hold on to hetero-normalcy).

      It seems like Aaron will likely be another “bisexual” dude looking for a girlfriend who will allow him to get it on with guys sometimes. It also looks like he will indeed use this fresh identity for publicity’s sake and for public sympathy. Three public statements in three straight days. I was suspect of his initial press release, though I respected it. It’s become a predictable mess already.

  • JaredMacBride

    Queerty readers are “looking forward” to the end of these stories.

    • Rex Huskey

      for many many reasons I am sure!

    • Kieran

      Who appointed you spokesman for Queerty readers?

    • kent25

      YES WE ARE sick and tired of these stories

    • kyle summers

      Yes we are, these closeted guys start falling out of the closet, please, enough already,

  • Chris

    He’s no better nor worse than the other folk who’ve teased and then come out over the period of days, weeks, and sometimes even months/years. So cut him some slack and hope that (a) he finds happiness and (b) his self destructive behaviors end. Also, I’d hope he and his brother have some sort of reconciliation.

  • dfwenigma

    This man sends a very strong message to the world. Whether gay or bisexual or questioning men by nature are about the body and sex. We don’t love. We don’t adhere to any self-imposed system of morals or values. We have no family. He is interested in something on the side and something as the “main attraction”. Men are simply satyrs preying upon society. If this sounds offensive to you – good. Because that’s what this man tells us. Apparently he wanted to have his cake and eat it too. This reinforces the worst elements of polyamory. Not a matter of some biblical sense that we should be monogamous but the whole idea that love and romance have no place in the lives of men who have sex with men.

    • Kenney G

      True maybe that’s why the girlfriend dumped him, he wanted to have sex with some guy, Someday the girl will tell all

    • Maleko

      How crazy and ignorant can you be? ‘Gay men don’t love’ is telling about your sad existence but it says nothing about the millions of us that are in relationships, some of us are even married.

  • surreal33


  • Jack Meoff

    The main reason people aren’t that interested in Aaron coming out as bi is that he is not a hunky handsome gym bunny. If he were the comments on this thread would be a mile ling like they are on other stories about bisexual celebs. Aaron unfortunately looms like an ageing twink with a skinny body and covering himself in tattoos in an effort to change his image like Beiber.

  • Verlaine

    If only he hadn’t ruined himself with those ugly tatts…

  • kyle summers

    Maybe he should check himself into Rehab , looks like he’s been rode hard and put away wet , he has meth head written all over him

  • Kenney G

    From what i can understand you’re not born bisexual you just figure it out later in life, alrighty then

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