Freshly out, freshly single.

One day after coming out as bi, Aaron Carter’s girlfriend dumps him

Former teeny bopper Aaron Carter had quite the weekend. First, he made headlines when he tweeted that he’s identified as bisexual for more than half his life:

This doesn’t bring me shame, just a weight and burden I have held onto for a long time that I would like lifted off me.

I grew up in this entertainment industry at a very young age and when I was around 13-years-old I started to find boys and girls attractive.

24 hours later, his girlfriend of a year, Madison Parker, dumped him. And from what it sounds like, he dumped her, too. It was mutual dumpage. Reps for both parties confirmed the split:

 Aaron and Madison love each other and respect one another dearly. It was a mutual decision and Aaron’s personal statement released speaks for itself. Now back to the music.

The breakup comes just weeks after Carter was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of marijuana. Parker was riding in the passenger seat at the time and was also taken into custody.

When it rains, it pours.

In other Carter news, a lot of people mistakenly tweeted that the 29-year-old singer was gay, even though he clearly stated that he is attracted to men and women:

Many others were quick to point out that being bisexual is different from being gay:

So just to clear up any lingering confusion: Aaron Carter identifies bisexual, not gay.

Oh, and he’s single.

Update: Aaron would like you to know the couple did NOT break up today, but rather a week ago. It was merely announced today. This. Changes. Everything.

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  • dfwenigma

    In a way I feel sorry for him. Because sure you can look at success and whatever. But calling yourself “bi” quite often is tacit admission that you’re probably gay. I know this is obvious to everyone and seems so amusing. But for people who are just coming out it can be frightening. Admitting to himself that he isn’t who he once thought he was can be tough. I’m just saying a bit of compassion might be in order.

    • startenout

      Or it could just be the admission that you’re BI. Damn, why is everyone trying to rewrite his truth for their own liking. Even this article pointed out that it’s people like this trying to erase the B from LGBT.

    • Donston

      Many men, especially celebs, use bi as a transition. It’s a cliche. But it’s a cliche for a reason. Inherent bisexuality is legit. Technically, I’m bi (though I prefer homo-dominant). But from my experience, from the many conversations I’ve had, only a tiny percentage of men who identify as bi have substantial and sustainable sexual attractions and passions for both men and women. And many men who have just tiniest percent of inherent sexual attraction to women want to greatly hold on to that as to not feel like a basic gay. Persistent bi behavior in men is more likely to have to do with fetishes, ego, sociology/social comfort or money than having substantial and sustainable sexual attraction to both men and women. There are probably two times as many men who are “mostly” sexually attracted to men than those who solely attracted to men. For some it’s easier to just accept and settle into their primary sexual attractions. For others, their egos become convoluted and its a lifelong struggle.

      However, it does seem like he’s about to commit to the “gay lifestyle”. So, good luck with that.

    • Kenney G

      yep the girlfriend dumped now he want to date men? It’s weird Bi men are only bi when they date men. When they date women they are always so straight lol oh well NEXT!

    • Donston

      It actually seems like they broke up because he wanted to be with guys. Nothing about that “statement” suggests she dumped him. It’s just Queerty trying to build a victimizing narrative.

      From what I see both in real life and on social media, most bi identifying men are obsessed with maintaining that status no matter who they are dating. But yes, there often is a constant obsession with reminding people that they are also into girls, even if they’ve only dated men for many years.

      I hate to say this, but I am practical and at a certain point in your life you have to put aside pride, sociology and narcissistic instincts and truly examine exactly who you are and what you want. I know this from experience. It does seem like a lot of these “proud to be bi” guys are homo and homo-dominant men trying desperately to hold on to some sense of hetero-normalcy or hetero and hetero-dominant men trying desperately to hold on to some sense of being subversive or “complex”.

    • Teri

      So true, once they latch on to a man they never leave men alone

    • batesmotel

      When you’re under 25 and still saying you’re bisexual, then yeah that is true that they’re likely just gay. But he’s almost 30, so it is highly likely he is indeed both. He was banging his girlfriend for a year. That’s not exactly 100% gay.

    • Donston

      It doesn’t matter when you come out. Bi is often used as a transition for many no matter the age. My cousin came out as bi at 33 and only started to refer to himself as gay recently (I believe he’s 38 now). And 29 is not much different than mid-twenties. And yes, many homo and especially homo-dominant men have sex with women for years. And I only recently started to identify as homo-dominant instead of bisexual.

      The problem is people continue to confuse behavior and “physical” attraction with inherent sexual attractions. You can indeed get enjoyment out of sex with a gender you have little to no sexual attraction to. There are a lot of different dimensions to sexuality that many don’t want to explore or reveal, and there can be many motivations behind many people’s sexual behaviors. That’s why it’s easier to just stick a label on it and it keep it pushing.

    • WinterxLemon

      Why don’t you stop and leave bisexuality alone, not everyone is completely homosexual. If he is then he will state that fact later on. But if he enjoys and finds both men and women attractive, then that’s his choice, not yours to say.

    • bipaganman

      Even if that’s true and he’s just using it as a step to coming out as gay; why are you trying to take that step away from him?
      It’s amazing how many people claim that something they used to make it easier to come out should be denied to the next generation.
      And of course that ignores that he might really be bisexual. Which is what he says he is.

    • adumbrodeus

      Ummm no, quit it with the B’s bi erasure.

      Some of you feel like appropriating bi identity and you know actively hurting the bi community, but assuming that pretty much everyone who came out as bi is gay and lying about it (or straight and lying about it, usually for women) is the definition of erasure.

      So cut it out. We get enough of these trash attitudes.

    • adam_stevens

      Shouldn’t a gay man of your age know better than to invalidate another man’s identity?

  • Terrycloth

    Glad that’s cleared up …now I can sleep at night….who cares ? All 20 of his fans…

    • Kenney G

      lol Yes Indeed, we didn’t need to know that

    • kent25

      LOL I Love it!!!

  • Rock Star

    I am also bi, I like men and boys (over 18) so don’t get all that.

    • Josh447

      Me too and we go completely unnoticed when there are so many of us. One day it’s a boy then a man next week. Bisexuality has never been more thrilling.

    • MikeE

      I’m also bi: twice a day is my limit.

  • Doug

    Like it or not, most performers in the entertainment industry who come out as “bi” are usually gay. The “bi” label is an attempt to hold on to their female fans who’ve had crushes on them and still be able to bring in the $$$.

    • Josh447

      That could very well be why his gf broke up with him. She wasn’t gonna get any anymore.

    • startenout

      Just like Nick Tortorella said recently, he gets the most grief about being Bi from the gay community. Why can’t y’all just accept people as they say they are…you know…the way we all want to be.

    • Donston

      Nico gets grief because he deserves that grief. He’s completely unwilling to be straight-forward about his sexual attractions despite talking about his sexuality endlessly. He has stated that he doesn’t truly want to be with a man. Yet, he still mostly uses gay media to promote himself and his sexuality. He still resents being seen as “bi” and still promotes himself as “fluid” on his social media. He only only decides to go with “bi” because it means more people will acknowledge him. He has shown a complete indifference to gay and trans rights and causes. He is only interested in promoting a polygamist and fetish-driven “lifestyle” and having people indulge his narcissism and need for attention. He deserves every bit of “grief” he’s gotten.

    • Teri

      lol Nico is an attention Whore, no one give a crap about who he likes and what he’s into, those polyamorous people are what give people they greedy reputation. Trash, you never see him advertising his dirty lifestyle in the straight community

    • BennyP

      lol Nico Tortorella is not a bisexual, he’s straight up Trash, the kind of trash that will spread for anybody or anything, It a cult he belongs to not the LGBTQ. 4 people in a bed pervert

    • kent25

      All these little fem flamboyant guys coming out as bi or queer are just gay, They’re not fooling anyone, Just wait and see, In time they will come out as gay sooner or later

    • WinterxLemon

      Wow you obviously don’t pay attention that closely to the entertainment industry, sweetie, go back and do your research. Even if he admitted he was gay, he wouldn’t love any female fans that have fawned over him, they’ll just be happy that he’s able to admit his sexual preference. But if he says he’s bisexual and actually enjoys and finds both men and women sexually attractive, then leave him alone, stop ignoring the fact that there are people still out there that appreciate both genders. >_>

    • adumbrodeus

      Aka you’re a bigot. Good to know!

  • keefygee

    Well, I am really pleased for Aaron. Sexuality has nothing to do with what you do. He is talented. I fell in love with him when I first heard him in the boy band. He is extremely attractive. I feel saddened that the relationship he was in was not strong enough for it to continue. Had he been sleeping around fair enough but from what I can work out is that he was loyal and faithful.
    If he ever comes to England he can come stay with me anytime! Be proud of your sexuality Aaron and hold your head up high. Too much emphasis is placed on a person’s sexuality. It should be on what you are like as a person and how you treat others.

  • He BGB

    It is not unusual for teeny bopper pop stars with mostly a young girl tween audience to be gay. There have been so many. I remember tween girls obsessing over Boy George and copying him and having posters of him in their BRs. One thing though. At 29 he looks 59. Not aging well with all the stuff going on.

    • SumSay

      You speak as if they come out in droves. It’s only been a few here or there, at most.

    • adumbrodeus

      Bi! Come on, he just came out, some damn respect.

  • Kenney G

    Poor baby your career is OVAH . He girlfriend wasn’t handling her business let those guys steal her man lmao

  • Paco

    He is 29 and recent photos have him looking at least a decade older. Perhaps it was the “hard living” that is apparent in his face that was the main contributor to the breakup.

    • batesmotel

      I noticed that too. He doesn’t look well. It looks as if he’s putting anything he can into his system and it’s taking it’s toll. He’s gotta slow down or he’ll end up dying young.

    • Mick406

      I read an article recently that said he is suffering from some kind of digestive disease. Maybe Chron’s Disease. He says he is in great pain and that is why he is losing weight. While this might all be true, it could possibly have been caused by excessive drug use. From what I read, it did sound like he has a legitimate illness. He says he suffers terribly from it.

  • DavidIntl

    This is not the first time that Queerty has an article on a former teen idol or pop figure, and people like Terrycloth have belittled them as not newsworthy. Granted, Aaron’s life, and image, may have been a bit rough lately, but he certainly was popular – and gorgeous – a few years back. And I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who noticed.

    • BennyP

      he look old as Hell now, it must be meth

  • ryantbo

    or to quote Karen Walker “Isn’t bisexual just a train stop away from Homoville”?

    • BennyP

      lol Yep!

    • WinterxLemon

      It’s also one stop backwards back to straightville, what’s your point?

    • adumbrodeus

      God the anti-bi bigots are out in force today.

    • kyle summers

      Yeah it’s always a step back to straightville for bi women, it’s like phase, they can only play lesbian for so long then it’s time to get a man like a regular straight woman .

  • BennyP

    hopefully he can find a nice bi boy to date, lol or a bi couple a boy and a chick and have a threesome

  • Daniel-Reader

    There are also gay guys who are actually bi but they find it easier to say they are gay when their partner is male to avoid getting grief. If you’ve gotten to know plenty of LGBT people you probably know people in this situation as well. Can’t blame them for not wanting to be doubted or judged. Unfortunate they cannot be themselves – their authentic selves – and not be given heck for it.

    • Donston

      That’s why I identify as homo-dominant. I have had relationships with women (and a son). I still have some instinctual sexual attraction and arousal for women sometimes. But like most bi identifying and/or bi behaving men, I only have substantial and sustainable sexual attraction and arousal and passion for one gender. In my case, that’s men.

      Most people just need to be completely straight forward about exactly who they are, what they want and what their motivations are. I’ve found that if you do that it’s not a problem. Unfortunately, people more than ever use labels and behaviors to hide behind, to manipulate others, to manipulate their social image, to indulge fetishes or curiosity instead of being legit honest.

    • SumSay

      Donston, you can only speak for yourself. Celebrities don’t have the option to live out in the open when every Tom, Dick, and Harry is trying to ruin their career. It’s unfortunate that many celebs can’t be as open but it’s the society we live in. Coming out as anything but straight is STILL a career ender for most entertainers even in this day and age.

    • Donston

      It’s a career staller and limit-er, hardly an ender. But the reality is nothing will change until more people are willing to live their lives as they are or at least not put so much effort into actively manipulating their public image. It’s that manipulation that makes makes every look suspect. And if you’re gonna come out be for real-real. Otherwise, there’s no point and you’re just further manipulating and adding to general gay shame.

  • Teri

    Ooopies somebody want a little man time. lmao

  • Xzamilloh

    Blame “bi-erasure” on the gay men and women who use coming out as bi as a stepping stone to come out as gay, for all of those getting mad. Of course at the same time, “bi-erasure” only affects bisexual men, as they can’t have a relationship with a man just be bi, they have to be gay. Bi women have it a lot easier going from opposite to same sex

    • kent25

      They erase themselves , half of these so called bi guys aren’t bisexual at all. No man is gonna give up women to place house with men

    • bipaganman

      So, I guess we should start assuming all straights are gay. After all 99% of gay men identified as straight at some point in their lives.

  • Invader7

    Another washed up, has been celeb. Trying to stay relevant. He was someone in the ’90’s. Not anymore. And his “girlfriend ” is now his ex. Besides I think all of these “break=ups” are manufactured publicity stunts !!!

    • Smith David

      Gggggirl u aint neva lied!

  • Donston

    Oh gosh. This “bi erasure” nonsense again. As I’ve said many times, if more people (particularly men) were willing to be truly straight-forward about their exact sexual attractions and their romantic instincts (both) instead of using “bi” as something that equates to behavior or lifestyle then there would be no “erasure”. If less homo and hetero men stopped using “bi” (and a litany of other identities) to cover up their homosexuality, their ego-dystonia, their perversions and fetishes, their megalomania, their sexual behavior driven by gender dis-morphia and/or being gay4pay/gay4SugarDaddy it would also be less problematic. And if less bi-identifying men weren’t so homophobic, narcissistic and/or obsessed with separating themselves from “the gay” there would be less an issue. The problems start with bi not homo identifying folk.

    No where in that statement does it appear that she dumped him. In fact, based on that statement alone it seems more than likely that he came out to her and told her he wanted to be with dudes now. Thus the break-up and then the somewhat coming out Tweet. And of course, you somewhat come out and then just a day later you release a public statement of your break-up. I just can’t with this Hollywood manipulation, especially when it involves d-listers, social media whores, Trump supporters, druggies, etc. And it gets media attention only because no man with both sense and a legit career and who actually wants to be with a man is willing to come out.

    But as I said in the first article, if this is the beginning to him becoming a clean, stable-minded, happy man and that was the purpose, then good for him.

    • Kenney G

      That is so True, I read where Elton John came out as Bi, then came all the way out as gay later. You can’t believe these I’m Bi guys. If they were truly Bi they would just stay in the closet

    • WinterxLemon

      So people aren’t allowed to find both genders attractive, it’s just one or the other? Why are you so against people claiming to be bi, what ELSE do you want people to say other than “bisexual” in regards to having sexual attractions to both genders? Because honestly, if someone doesn’t have the balls to come out as gay straight from the get-go, then they don’t deserve to be gay and need to re-question their own sexuality. There are plenty of people out there that can actually come straight out of the closet and admit they’re fully gay, not bisexual, OOHHH, but as SOON AS SOMEONE comes out as BISEXUAL, they’re ABSOLUTELY WRONG! Humanity is going downhill, if it keeps going in this exact same direction I don’t want any part of living.

    • Donston

      Kenney G is just a troll. He or she has used several different handles in this comment section alone.

      I have some sexual attraction to both men and women. Technically, I’m bi. However, I only have sustainable and substantial sexual attraction to men, only sexual passion for men, and I have the ability to love and commit to a man. So, I choose to identify as homo-dominant instead. I feel it’s a closer representation of who I am and my “lifestyle” than “bi” is. Unfortunately, there’s been a long history (a psychologically proven history) of men who wish to consistently indulge bi-behavior as being people who hide their exact sexual attractions, as being manipulative, as being unable to truly commit to someone and sacrifice for someone, as contending with an erratic ego and moods, as being more likely to indulge pedophilia and ephebophilia, as having extreme cluster b personalities, as being more likely to develop drug addictions, as being people whose sexual behavior is more driven by sadomasochistic/megalomaniac fetishes than gender, and as being more likely to use other men for sex and/or money. These are stereotypes, but they’re stereotypes for a reason. There is some truth to it in a decent amount of cases. That’s why I think it’s important to look past “labels” and even behavior and actually talk about the dimensions of sexuality, sexual attractions and the connection sexuality has with ego, psychology and sociology. That’s the only way to get a true understanding of it and to help people out that needs help. But it seems many are still scared of those conversations.

      This “all bi guys are bad” that this Kenney G and his/her aliases has been pushing in this thread is nonsense. There’s a variety of different types of sexuality and a variety of motivations behind someone’s sexual behavior. Being willing to talk about that honestly is what’s gonna get us to the next level as a society. But instead, most just choose more labels and vague, pretentious language.

  • 1RedHottSexyMama

    ? get so frustrated with people who try to catagorize a bisexual man as gay. When it comes to women being bisexual it’s widely accepted. ? don’t know this guy and really don’t believe that he nor anyone else has some sort of unwritten rule that someone has to announce if they are bisexual or gay. ? am 100% heterosexual and i wasn’t expected to come out to say i was straight. Whoever you are attracted to as long as they are willing and of legal age is no one else’s business. ? have dated a bisexual man and had a great relationship with him, it was never an issue in our relationship. Obviously she apparently didn’t love him or she wouldn’t have broken up with him. ? highly doubt that he mutually broke up with her. ? think he said that to save face and possibly take some of the heat off of her so people wouldn’t look at her as intolerant to gay or bisexuals. However if he was unsure or already knew that he was bisexual he owed it to her to let her know this from the beginning and not a year later. That’s not acceptable and gives other gay or bisexuals a bad rap. Hope that he and his ex-girlfriend find happiness with others.

    • Donston

      You’re straight. So, you just don’t get it. Coming out is important for anyone. Most homo and homo-dominant people, especially ones who are closeted, contend with ego-dystonia, suppressed egos, having to constantly manipulate their public selves. And frankly, no healthy same-sex relationship can exist inside a closet. The process of coming out is cliche, but it’s important for anyone who wants to truly be with someone of the same gender and truly feel free.

      As I mentioned in an earlier post, I doubt she dumped him. He has the money (and that’s probably a big reason she was with him the first place. Yeah, I know that’s cynical). And if he actually wanted to be with her and sensed she’d dump him if he publicly came out he probably wouldn’t have done it. And most women aren’t stupid. They’re aware or become aware of where their boyfriends sexual attractions lie eventually.

  • Teri

    Guys like this Love to watch gay porn. You have to stop them from men watching to, They watch men as much as women watch men. whatever side they end up on that person isn’t getting much of a bargain. Just like Nico Tortotella he need to be admired by gay men to feel validated. It make them feel good to know gay men find them pretty

    • Donston

      Nico probably has homo or homo-dominant sexual attractions. Being petrified to reveal his sexual attractions, his femininity, his obsession with constantly being surrounded by women and his talk about not being “trapped by your attractions” pretty much exposed this much. No hetero or hetero-dominant men says they don’t want to be “trapped” by their attractions. That’s talk of a gay or mostly gay dude who wants to hold on to hetero-normalcy. However, because of his extreme narcissism, the likely female-worshiping fetishes he developed and his desire to always get attention from women, he isn’t interested in living a “gay lifestyle” or truly being with a man. This type of stuff happens all the time with homo and homo-dominant men who grow up having sex and relationships primarily with women. A convoluted ego develops, fetishes develops and the absolute desire to not be a basic faag develops. And they end up wanting to have it all.

      However, who knows exactly what Aaron is and what he intends to do with his life.

    • BennyP

      Donston- all those things you said about Nico seems very true, He’s a very feminine in his look the way he dress and carry himself once his little 5 minutes of fame passes he’ll come out as gay and by then it will be too late, He still will be despise by the gay community, he’s Toxic

  • Armiya

    And this is newsworthy, why? Who gives a f$*k?

    • Donston

      A drugged up E-lister sorta came out as bi. Us gays/homo-dominants don’t have much to work with nowadays unfortunately.

  • Kieran

    Many of us remember when Elton John was a “bisexual”.

  • adrianjurado310

    These Twinkies are the bomb.

  • Kenney G

    I just don’t get it, You’ve been living your life as a straight man all your life why would you want to be with a man? At least he’s honest and not an attention whore like that Pervert Nico Tortorella , he’s not bisexual at all, just some slut looking for attention

    • Donston

      Some people actually want to be with the gender they have substantial and sustainable sexual attraction to and desire and passion for, even if it takes some time for them to want it. Eventually, they’re able to fight past the ego-dystonia, obsession with hetero-normalcy and narcissistic instincts. Coming out at 40 or 50 is not abnormal. For many homo and homo-dominant men who grow up having sex and relationships with women they don’t develop emotional/romantic bonds with men or they become so obsessed with not feeling gay or living the “gay lifestyle” that they actively try not to catch feelings, which often makes it even longer to gain a sense of self-comfort if they ever get there. I grew up having sex and relationships with women. And I was perfectly fine living that way. But once I realized that my sexual attractions were not only greatly with men but that I was capable of truly love a man and committing to a man there was nothing holding me back. I never really dealt with ego-dystonia or internalized homophobia or wanting to maintain a hetero image. I just didn’t know if I could be into a guy like that. I still have some inherent sexual attraction to women. But there is zero desire to want to be with a woman sexually or romantically, and I’m a monogamist. Considering his physical and mental state living the “straight life” wasn’t doing him any good.

  • Rex Huskey

    I don’t even know who the poor thing is but he sure doesn’t look well in this pic….. any reports on his health?

  • Kenney G

    I wouldn’t date a Bi guy, that would be a waste of my time, I’m just gay, I can’t began to imagine being in some kind of sick twisted relationship with some guy who whines about missing being with a female. it’s best you stay on your straight side, I like my love life drama free

    • Donston

      Now you’re sounding incredibly ignorant and resentful. Most bi men only have real passion and desire for a man or woman and only substantial sexual attraction to one. And even most of that tiny percent that are close to being 50/50 rarely want to romantically or even sexually engage with both men and women. Yes, there are some who use bi identity and bi behavior to cover up their perversions and fetishes and megalomaniac instincts or to cover up their homosexuality or homo-dominance but desire to retain hetero-normalcy. But it’s hardly representative of all.

  • OzJosh

    From Elton John to Tom Daley, celebs have chosen “bi” as the most image-friendly way to come out. Scan the list and see how many identify as “bi” now, and count the number of relationships with the opposite sex. Yes, Elton married a woman. But even he admits it was little more than a publicity stunt.

    • jenbird

      Gay to bi, straight to bi, whatever. There’s plenty of traffic in every direction. Back when Elton got married bi had a little acceptable sheen, but the bias (particularly for men) is much more weighted to gay than bi these days.

  • Giuseppe

    Carter can say whatever he likes, in my experience most straight women don’t want to date a guy that also sleeps with men. Not all but most women just don’t want a guy that likes to suck di*k.

    • kent25

      That’s True, I’ve asked straight women would date a guy who like to play with other guys/ the answer was HELL NO!

  • kent25

    Well he just finished off what was left of his fading career. Wanting to date men now. Whats up with these so called bi guys,There are some on youtube crying about how they’ve been living a lie and they are not straight and want to date other men. you know it almost like Ms Tortorella whose sexuality changes every six months, Come on out the closet Gur aka (Nicky there’s Whole lot of room lmao

  • kent25

    Like that old ass man Clive Davis came out as Bisexual, So what who cares your almost dead. It’s too late to try and turn on other men now, Unless you pay for it

    • Donston

      You really need to cut it out with your three or four separate handles.

      Clive was clearly completely over the “straight life” and wanted to be with his boy-toys in peace. It is what it is. Very reminiscent of Calvin Klein. They spend years trying to maintain a hetero image and contending with ego-dystonia. At a certain point they stop giving a crap and grab them play things. Unfortunately, that will always be the story arc of homo and homo-dominant men who remain obsessed with hetero-normalcy for most of their lives.

  • Jack Meoff

    Why is it that articles about people coming out as bi elicit so many more comments than other articles? It is clearly still a hot topic for many people so just wondering why that is.

    • Donston

      There are probably a few reasons. 1 Almost no legitimately famous men or even semi famous men come out over the past few years. And no one has come out as gay, except freaking Barry Mannilow and also Thomas Dekker who claimed he only came out because he felt like he was forced out. And neither was much of any surprise or is something that would cause a legit stir. Most of what we’ve gotten in recent years have been guys coming out as: bi, fluid, queer, I don’t believe in labels. etc. However, when anyone of any type of fame comes out in any capacity it’s gonna cause some type of back and forth. 2. Whenever a celeb or semi celeb “comes out” in any capacity it elicits comment from people who rarely visit this site. 3. People love to debate and speculate about the dimensions of sexuality, people’s intentions for identifying as they do, whether they’re being 100 about who they are and how much of these things is public manipulation.

  • Buie

    And this is news? Another pseudo-celeb transitioning from straight to bi to gay. Like everybody with a plausible brain stem didn’t already know.

    • WinterxLemon

      Or he’s bisexual? Thanks. If he’s gay he’ll say it later on, but if he actually finds both genders sexually attractive, please accept that fact.

    • jenbird

      He’s not gone bi to gay yet. Nor done the equally inevitable further step to “actually, I was bi all along, I just got fed up of all the biphobic nonsense” after that.

  • surreal33

    Mr Carter, a tired, aging, (poorly) talentless, hack trying desperately to stay famous.
    Mr Carter is using his sexuality as an excuse for being drug and alcohol addict.
    It is truly laughable that public falls for this tactic without fail.
    Every time a former teen idol ages out of popularity he/she is suddenly gay or was sexually abuse as a child. Sadly people are still titillated by this garbage and give Mr Carter exactly what he wants a few more minutes of fame.

  • jckfmsincty

    He should think about getting a few tattoos.


    Lol why are so many gay men triggered by this issue..the worst are those who unecessarally complicate their cluelessness by resorting to anacadotal convoluted cod-psychological claptrap.

    “It doesn’t exist, it’s not legitimate, because *I*’personally don’t experience it! Just like str8 men don’t *really* exist (unlike homosexuality *obviously* exists) because they can be turned bynthe right guy..cause, duh, guys are hot! ”

    Solipsism is a thing.


    Donston: “And I only recently started to identify as homo-dominant instead of bisexual.”

    As a “Homo-dominant”…???? What exactly ? Homo-dominant homo? Homo-dominant attack helicoptrix?

    SMH at your sloppy reasoning on this issue. U better than this

    • Donston

      Who told you I was better than that?

      But seriously, homo-dominant bisexual, sweetie. Simply going with bisexual always felt wrong. When I was done with women I was done. Flat-out “bisexual” simply doesn’t represent my “lifestyle”. It doesn’t represent where the majority of my sexual attractions lie or where any of my sexual passions lie. It doesn’t represent my romantic instincts. Being bisexual (no matter to what capacity of bi you are) is very different than actually being a man who lives an active bisexual “lifestyle” or who is constantly hyping their bi identity. They often represent very different psychologies and motivations.

      At least half of the outright hateful and stupid comments I’m sure is being posted by just one individual. But it’s a triggering topic for a number of reasons: The majority of bi/fluid/queer identifying men (who stick with those “identities”) primarily or only date women. There’s an inherent resentment that they can “step away” from the “gay lifestyle” and into the comfortable “straight world” whenever they feel like. The belief that many are gay and gay-leaning men contending with ego-dystonia and internalized homophobia. Most legit bisexual men still have greatly gay or straight leaning sexual attractions, and most aren’t willing to be straight-forward about that. A decent amount of people do use sexual identity to indulge their need for attention and/or to cover up other things going on with their instincts or desires or fetishes. The pretension and evasiveness and narcissism and temperament problems many bi-identifying men have to offer. The fear of dealing with someone who is in a constant state of confusion and indecision. The fear of being used simply for sex and/or money or fear of being left for a woman or fear of being cheated on (and of course this is the opposite fear many women have). The rest of it is just flat-out ignorance and bitterness.

      The “bi-guy” stigma has been well-earned. It’s not something that just came from thing air. But it is time we get past the nonsense and simply start asking for more from each other, more honesty and understanding and less assumption making.


      No, flower. Ockham’s razor. “Bisexual” is simply SEXUAL ATTRACTION to more than one sex. This is scientifically testable. Anything additional is useless verbiage, fashionable ideology, and static.

    • Donston

      Well, there’s a decent amount of people who go around saying they’re bi not because of sexual attractions but because they “like different people’s energies” or they find men and women “physically attractive” not sexually or because they wish to indulge certain fetishes or because they like to “feel like a woman sometimes” or simply because they don’t want to be seen as gay. Those are the people you should be going at.

      I don’t think identifying as “homo-dominant bisexual” is useless. In fact, it helped add a lot of clarity to my sense of self as well as clarity to the people I socially engage with and dated. There are many types of sexual attractions, many different degrees, many types of reasons people identify as whatever they identify as and many reasons why people do what they do. That’s partly why so many are moving away from the word “bisexual”. (Even Aaron didn’t flat out say he was bi). My identity is an exact reflection of who I am, unlike the fluid/flexible nonsense. Wanting people to know exactly who you are is not something that should be dissuaded but commended. Dissuading people from doing that usually just means you’re trying to push agenda or you’re trying to most easily categorize people, which is part of the part of the problem, and it doesn’t help people truly understand someone’s sexuality or motivations. People not being truly upfront and straight-forward is why there’s still so much deception, secret-keeping and suspicion. We need to be working against that not promoting it.

    • Donston

      Back to you, Honey Bunches of Oats (which I never eat).

    • Donston

      Furthermore, we need to start pushing legit honesty, not people hiding behind identity/behavior or the pushing of additional “labels” or the protecting of identities that already exist. My identity is lacking in guesswork or convolution, and it’s not “fashionable”. It’s exactly who I am. As I said, the rest of it is about agenda and category placement and social politics. The focus needs to be on helping people truly understand exactly who they are, helping people be truly honest about who they are, helping people figure out what they want and helping people gain self-acceptance, self-comfort, a healthy and intact ego and a general healthy mental state. Otherwise, what’s the point of all this? Policies and play-acting and more vague “identities” and looking for more people to join whatever demo- none of it truly helps anyone.

    • Donston

      I hate to keep adding sh*t.

      Bisexual sexual attractions in men (sexual attraction to male and female in particular) have still not been proven to exist in men, despite quite a few studies and experiments done over the past ten years. In fact, the scientific stance is that inherent bisexuality simply doesn’t exist in dudes. So, I wouldn’t just lean on science, because science betrays your ideas in this instance. That’s why looking at the psychology of sexuality is so important and understanding the different types and degrees of sexual attraction as well as understanding how much ego, certain fetishes, megalomania instincts, sense of gender and sociology can affect some people’s sexual instincts.

      Fluidity isn’t entirely BS. It has some legitimacy in the sense that legit bisexual men rarely get aroused by both genders at once. But fluidity as a “label” has its limitations because people often confuse sexual attraction with “physical” attraction and desire. And very few men that have some bisexual sexual attractions truly have substantial or sustainable attractions to the entirety of a male and female gender.

      I know it all sounds convoluted. But the human mind can be convoluted. I’m not about promoting “labels” as much as I’m about getting people to understand exactly who they are and self-accept and learn how to properly and thoroughly communicate who they are and what they want to other people.

  • Jaxton

    Most bi guys don’t want anything to do with the GLBT community. They see GLBT as a crazy Leftist cult.

    Most women hate bi guys because bi guys dis-empower women.

  • Brian

    ” Now back to the music.”

  • jenbird

    So many celebs have felt obliged to label on the straight / gay binary rather than own their real identity label. It’s good we’re at last getting past that.

    • Donston

      We’ve taken steps in recent years, but there’s still a lot of public manipulation when it comes to “identity”. The majority of legitimately famous people who are homosexual or gay-leaning are still closeted. The vast majority in fact. The trend of coming out either when your career is null and void or coming out when you are living a complete wreck of a life or when you feel you’ve been “forced” out are still patterns. Also, a lot of these bi/fluid/queer identifying celebs or semi celebs seem to be identifying as these things for quite a few reasons that extend beyond having real sexual attraction to men and women.

      So, there’s still a lot of playing around, a lot of secrecy and a lot of public manipulation when it comes to public “identities”. I do appreciate that Aaron’s message was simple and straight to the point.

  • jsmnyny24

    What a joke. Gays have destroyed their identity. Pathetic really.

  • kyle summers

    He look like a crack head, get to a clinic Ho, poor baby been hitting that crystal meth hard

  • Kenney G

    bisexuality is like some kind of cult, They lie and pretend it’s like every other kind of love, When in fact love has nothing to do with it, It’s all about sex.
    That’s why they are known as Greedy and Slutty and very promiscuous . they can’t keep it in their pants. Why is it always the Bi girl getting abused by straight men, And Bi men get abused to, They have wives and girlfriends but that not enough they want sex with the same gender. They are always bragging about like both men and women, marry a woman and stay straight and bi girl marry a man and quit lying there thinking about other women while your husband try to make love to you. When your in a straight relationship act like it, and quit checking out the same gender because you don’t have that right. Be a husband to your wife and be a wife to your husband. put your freaky side back in the closet

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