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‘Fyre Festival’s’ Andy King responds to his 32-year age gap relationship haters

“Out of all the outpouring of love, there were a couple haters. But we have to expect that right?

[My boyfriend] Craig was cool about just deleting them, so it wasn’t gonna upset me, but there were a couple people who were like ‘Andy, what a creep. He’s young enough to be your grandson.’

It’s like, ‘what are you talking about?’ Age is just a number. Yes, I’m attracted to someone who’s younger than me but he happens to be attracted to someone who’s older, so it’s a great match.

One of the challenges I’m hoping to overcome, with his family and some friends. The immediate visual is that he’s a boytoy, and just some young fling thing. Which is not the case.

Yes, we drive nice cars and live on a 400 acre farm, but we still have to work hard.”— Andy King, who found unlikely viral fame after it was revealed in a Netflix documentary that he was prepared to orally stimulate a male customs official to score a case of Evian during the calamity that was 2017’s Fyre Festival, speaking to Cocktails&CockTalk about the reaction to going public with his new boyfriend 32 years his junior.