Gannon’s Silence Throws More Fuel On McCellan’s “Gay” Fire

The smearing of Scott McClellan continues!

Gay escort turned White House lapdog Jeff Gannon caused a sensation yesterday when he wrote that he “knew” McClellan better than anyone on the right wing end.

The comment, of course, had people wondering if Gannon and his party peers were gearing up to paint the former Press Secretary pink.

In an effort to get to the so-called truth, homo-journo Michelangelo Signorile invited Gannon onto his radio show yesterday and, not surprisingly, Gannon did nothing to clear up the queer rumors.

Here’s Signorile’s take:

While Gannon, who is pushing the same right-wing talking points against McClellan as the rest of the conservatives, said that his supposed closeness to McClellan was purely from working in the White House, and that he did not know him previously, he did not deny the rumors long on the web that McClellan is gay — said he didn’t know.

I found this odd, considering that Gannon has been outraged in the past at even the speculation about his own past, calling it horrible prying

Perhaps this backs up the observations of some that the Bush supporters are now going to get back at Scotty — and try to smear him further — by floating information about his supposed “closet,” as Gretchen Carlson of Foxy and Friends threatened.

While the right could definitely be trying to throw lavender light on McClellan, they’re going to have to come up with some evidence if they want to prove their point, whatever that may be.

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