Gavin Newsom Gets All Virtual, Talks About His Virtual Career Suicide

Gavin Newsom first caught the national eye back in 2004, when the young San Francisco mayor order city clerks to issue same-sex marriage licenses. Though the nearly 4,000 contracts would later be invalidated by the California Supreme Court, young Newsom became a gay rights icon – and, perhaps, a martyr.

In Switzerland for the World Economic Forum, Newsom sat down to talk to Adam Reuters: Reuters News Agency’s special “Second Life” correspondent – you know Second Life: that weird Linden Lab-created virtual world that turns everyone into Sims characters… No matter, Newsom says that the gay-nup move may have hindered his own political growth and at least one Democratic presidential hopeful’s not making it any easier:

I’ve basically written myself off of any prospects of running for any different office, and I certainly won’t be appointed by any administration or special councils because I’m a time bomb and too controversial. And I’m not just saying for Republicans.

One of the three Democrats you mentioned as presidential candidates [Obama, Clinton, Gore] God as my witness, will not be photographed with me, will not be in the same room as me, even though I’ve done fundraisers for that particular person not once but twice, because of this issue.

Damn, politicians can be some cold bitches!

And, of course, Reuters can’t help but ask Newsom his opinion on VP Dickie Cheney‘s reaction to poor Wolfie Blitzer‘s questions about preggers lesbian daughter, Mary:

The Vice President of the United States has a daughter who happens to be in love with another woman, and happens to want to raise a family. Those are fundamental questions that are being debated across this country… Wolf Blitzer was right to ask and Dick Cheney was wrong not to have the dignity to respond in a human way, and the dignity to respond in kind why he continues to advance discriminatory policies that are hurting, not uniting this country.

Dignity? Dick Cheney? Oh, Newsom, you’re such a cut up!