Maddow Disease

Gavin Newsom Isn’t Wavering, Even a Little, on Gay Rights

It’s no secret San Francisco Mayor and California governor hopeful Gavin Newsom doesn’t stand with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on gay marriage policies. Namely, Schwarzenegger doesn’t want it; Newsom demands it. But as Newsom’s star rises to a national stage — his ambitions likely don’t end at running California — and understanding grows that his gay marriage stance could be a liability in a state that passed Prop 8, he could, theoretically, pull a Barack Obama and begin limiting his support for gay rights. But he’s not, as his sit down with Rachel Maddow makes clear.

And not only is his position not changing, his vocal support of gay rights isn’t either. He’s still shouting it from the rooftops. (He’s also shouting support for Carrie Prejean.)

Newsom is one more rational voice in the national debate over equal rights, perhaps more remarkable because he’s a straight guy.

Here, we celebrate a politician who stands by his personal convictions. Funny how we do the exact opposite when it comes to guys like Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri.