Gary Burns Calls MP's Wife A "Fag Hag Impersonator"

Gay Activist Gets Labour Boot After Emotional “Tirade”

Australian gay activist Gary Burns better get a handle on himself. The Labour Party volunteer got the boot this weekend after “verbally abusing” Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s wife, Lucy. The brouhaha reportedly began on a Sydney street, where Burns took some time to voice his objection to MP Turnbull’s anti-gay politics.

Apparently Burns wasn’t satisfied by the public tongue lashing, because he later wrote a scathing letter to Mr. Turnbull:

You will get more angry homosexuals like me attacking you verbally in public because of your fascist leader John Howard, who treats my community like second-class citizens.

Your middle-aged well dressed “fag hag” impersonator of a wife will not protect you from the anger my community has stored up for you and your Government come election day on Saturday November 24. You are a weak and pathetic excuse for a human being.

While that may be true, the Labour Party found Burns’ emotional explosion to be unfit: they’ve since dropped him from their volunteer roster.

This isn’t the first time Burns has caused an international incident: the activist famously challenged radio DJ John Laws for calling Carson Kressley a “pillow biter”, which could have simply been a statement of fact.