Raging stallions

Gay adult film star Hector De Silva shows off his steed

If handsome model Hector De Silva looks familiar to you, it’s probably from his occasional appearance in adult fare produced by studios like Men At PlayMen, and, appropriately enough, Raging Stallion.

So though you may feel intimately acquainted with the 33-year-old adult star, he’s not at all what he seems. For one, he lives in rural Spain on a family farm; loves horses and his dog; and happens to be a professional firefighter. An upcoming issue of DNA will include an interview and exclusive photoshoot with De Silva (a preview of which is below).

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“I love living in my small town,” De Silva tells DNA.

“I was raised in a small town with chickens, goats, sheep and horses… But I have always loved traveling and meeting people. A few years ago, on a trip, I met a guy who was working in the porn industry and he helped me get started. At the time, my family were having a hard time financially and I decided to start shooting a few scenes to help them out. I had always liked watching porn, so I figured I could make some money and do something that I enjoyed. My family is the most important part of my life, so I didn’t hesitate when the time came to help them.”

View a preview of the images below: 

For the full interview and pictures buy the Print or Digital version of DNA #216.