Double identity

Students shocked to discover their math professor used to be a muscle daddy adult film star

Students at La Sapienza University of Rome have been in a tizzy after learning their math professor used to work as a hardcore gay muscle daddy adult film star.

Ruggero Freddi’s x-rated past came to light after he posted a video of himself flexing his massive muscles to Facebook. Someone recognized him and contacted a reporter.

But if the tipster was hoping to spark a scandal, they can keep dreaming. Freddi was completely unfazed by being discovered. He told the Italian publication Republica that he isn’t ashamed of his porno past.

“Some students reposted the photo in a few sites and from there my former life as a porn actor emerged,” he explained. “To be honest, it wasn’t exactly a secret.”

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Freddi went on to explain that he initially wanted to work in engineering in Italy, but lack of opportunity forced him to look elsewhere for employment.

“Then I was offered to do a film in the USA. I thought, ‘Why not?’ A job that helps me earn more and is a more entertaining career,” he said.

One thing led to another and he eventually he signed a contract with Colt Studios in California. He became known as Carlo Masi, a gruff bodybuilder with a penchant for hardcore sex.

Freddi quit porn in 2013 and returned to Italy, where he got a Masters degree in Math. This is in addition to the Masters degree he already had in Computer Engineering.

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He now lives his partner of 11 years, Gustavo Alejandro Leguizamon, and is pursuing his PhD. He tells Gay Star News that since being “outed” as a former porn star, things have been a little “crazy,” but in the best way possible.

“I knew sooner or later something was going to happen, but I didn’t expect something so big to happen,” he says. “I thought someone would publish something and my students would talk about it for a while, but I wasn’t expecting the entire country to actually speak about it.”

He adds that he hasn’t had any issues at the university.

“I’m happy and proud of both my careers,” he says. “They both reflect part of my personality. I was happy I was a good looking guy and the world recognized this. I am very happy the world recognizes I’m a smart guy.”

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  • isiah22

    That Adam Champ husband

    • mz.sam

      Thanks for the refresher reminder. Its nice to know the hot muscle couple is still together.

  • BOB K

    Buona fortuna, Ruggero, e molten grazie per gli pornos di Carlo

  • MacAdvisor

    I have to say, Italy produces some dammmn fine math teachers.

    • Al Peaston

      DAMN! I would have done so much better at math if this hunk had been my teacher! WOOOOF!!!

  • andrewl

    How refreshing to hear a mature intelligent man respond to a non issue. More power to you and yes he was/is a damn fine looking man

  • Jaxton

    Ravish my apple breast with your big mouth, Mr Freddi. Send me into a delirium.of ecstasy with your 3 day growth as it tickles the area just under my last rib.

    • nitejonboy

      Or just lick my taint, either or.

  • jhon_siders

    WAS good looking ?? I say he still looks fine !!! DADDY !!!

  • Kangol

    I love how he handled the controversy, when there shouldn’t have been any in the first place. And as Ruggero Freddi or Carlo Masi, he’s gorgeous.

  • seaguy

    If I had a math teacher like him I would actually like math class.

    • Jaxton

      Lol – I would be too distracted. Like, is that really a parabolic curve or a curve in my pants?

    • D P

      Yes I agree, but I actually *did* have a math teacher who was worked out, handsome, and bubble-butt for days! I kept getting distracted whenever he’d have his back turned to the room, writing on the chalkboard.

  • silveroracle

    A very handsome man.

  • NateOcean

    Math Quiz:

    How many times does 6 go into….

    Oh, nevermind.

  • mz.sam

    This fine man of a math teacher is a one hairy, hot delicious bottom. Infact, I own a great collection of his classic educational videos.

  • batesmotel

    Someone recognized him and contacted a reporter. What a douche! I’d be thrilled to find out my math teacher was a former adult film star.

  • buggtoxic

    very sweet professional reconversion :)

  • Guapulo

    He certainly makes ME re-appreciate lowest common denominators!

  • nobodynowhere

    I gotta say I’m quite glad he wasn’t my math teacher.

    There’s no way I would have ever passed any math class with him as a teacher.

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