Teacher Forced To Resign For Being Too Sexy For His Shirt On Bravo TV Show

stefan-serieHunky middle school health teacher Stefan Serie says he was “coerced” into resigning after he took his shirt off on the Bravo reality show, Princesses: Long Island.

The 30-year-old triathlete and trainer was just hangin’ out and being sexy with his shirt off in the background of the show’s second season premiere in June. He had filmed the cameo as a favor to a friend last summer during his downtime and didn’t receive any payment for it. But once his scene ultimately devolved into a profanity-laced bitchfest — as all Bravo reality shows do — he realized he didn’t want to be associated with it.

Merrick Avenue Middle School officials were less than pleased by Serie’s appearance and a week after the episode aired, Serie was called into the school district office where he was pressed to resign after eight years on the job.

“It was a coerced resignation,” Serie told the New York Daily News. “I want my job and tenure back. I think I deserve it.” Parents and students from Merrick agree and are rallying behind the beloved teacher.

“Honestly, I think as long as he wasn’t doing anything illegal on the show, I don’t see why it should matter what he does in his time,” said Rosemary Garofolo, whose two sons took Serie’s seventh-grade health class, adding that there wasn’t “a kid in that school that didn’t love him.”

Serie said he’s “devastated” by the experience but if he doesn’t get his job back, he and attorney Joseph Kilada will file a federal lawsuit against the school district. In the meantime, we’re sure Andy Cohen has an opening that Serie can fill.

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  • erasure25

    Do they expect teachers to wear burkas at all times? Its sad when good teachers are illegally forced to resign. Maybe my 7th grade social sciences teacher should have been fired for being too sexy with his shirt on (he was swoon worthy even with winter clothes on). I seriously hate the prudishness of this country… Its absurd. I guess teachers should beware of taking their shirt on the beach, especially if they are physically fit!

  • B Damion

    How about we focus on the education system on a hole that seems to be failing these kids.
    A large percent of kids still don’t have the basic math and english skills needed to
    do well when they attend college etc..

  • B Damion

    Btw I was one of those kids. I struggled a great deal with math. So, less focus on the private lives of teachers and more on the educational system folks.

  • sfbeast

    @B Damion: ummm, b damion, I think you meant ‘as a whole’. and ‘large percentage’. and yes, the education system seems to be failing. but as to the original issue, they need to hire him back. if he’s a health teacher, he sure looks healthy to me.

  • Polaro

    Incredible. I can’t figure out what was wrong with that G-rated clip.

  • B Damion

    @sfbeast..See that lol..thank you.

  • Spike

    Why anyone would go on a reality show? Seldom ends well.

  • Dixie Rect

    Why is this gay news? He isn’t gay.

  • B Damion

    @Dixie Rect …The body.

  • miagoodguy

    It seems he was coerced to resign more because of the cursing going on (and that he was on a ridiculous “reality” show) than that he took his shirt off

  • fredo777

    If Andy doesn’t have an opening on Bravo that Serie can fill, I sure have one.

  • balehead

    Probably some religious closet queen couldn’t handle his sexy masculine truth….I smell a ACLU lawsuit by the way…

  • balehead

    Oh he’s a popular male teacher!!…which unpopular/loathed female teacher got their/her friends to write letters of concern I wonder??….This happens all the time to male teachers…

  • fredo777

    @Spike: “Why anyone would go on a reality show? Seldom ends well.”

    Except, of course, for those times when their going on a reality show leads to an entire career/building a fan base.

  • Spike

    @Dixie Rect: Seems to be a common theme here at Queerty, non-gay related posts, you haven’t noticed?

  • Dixie Rect

    @Spike: Well, yes, but I still have to speak out and complain about it!

  • Aries3dc

    @Dixie Rect: He’s a muscular white man without a shirt on. That’s almost all this website is about. LOL

  • Homophile

    @Dixie Rect:

    Are you still here policing what Queerty posts?

    If you don’t like the story, don’t click on it. If you don’t like this site and what it chooses to post, stop coming here.

    It’s not rocket surgery.

  • bma83


    “He’s a muscular white man without a shirt on. That’s almost all this website is about. LOL”

    Hahahaha. That comment deserved to be repeated. It’s so sad that it’s true.

  • Horse Lips

    Shirtless at the pool!? Egads. Seriously, its none of our employer’s business what we do with our time off. I agree with erasure, I’m sick of the Victorian values of this country.

  • fredhotman

    How different it would be if he were a female baring all.
    No protestation. No wonder men cover at beach or pools like mummies,
    yet the ladies have little patches to cover. Do they loose their jobs?????
    Perversity of mind in Merrick administration. Wake up…

  • iluvcakes

    This country is beyond childish when it comes to sex.. I don’t see why anyone would want to be a teacher, there is so much to get fired for, the pay isn’t all that great, and at the end of the day the parents expect you to create a savant out of kids who are more interested in fighting or fucking.

  • homoandjuliet

    Lol i had a teacher that went shirtless in a dunk tank at a carnival. he still has his job. fucking morons.

  • Stephen

    Andrew Cohen? Seriously, thought he was holding out for Anderson Cooper.

  • Patrick Sean

    @B Damion: Listen, you can’t go bashing a failing educational system and then improperly spell “whole.”

  • hf2hvit

    @Dixie Rect: Maybe he gets forced to submit to gay sex the same way he was “coerced” to resign. His losing his job may be wrong but unless they put a gun to his head…

    You simply say no, walk out and get an attorney.

  • jckfmsincty

    He should have refused to have resigned and gotten a lawyer.

  • Eiswirth

    This is insanity. Firing a great teacher for appearing for no pay on a stupid reality show, and taking off his shirt and jumping in a pool? Whoever made that decision has a lot of explaining to do.

  • nevereclipsed81

    wow. was he working at Adolf Hitler Middle School? it’s a freakin cameo.

  • MikeE

    I don’t know.. I’m suspecting that the whole story isn’t being told here.

    something sounds fishy.

  • B Damion

    @Patrick Sean ….I see that your try’en to come for me. lol! it’s cool.

    But “bashing” really? I was simply stating my opinion on the subject like everyone else.

    It’s funny to me that almost every article I’ve read here on Queerty has had some unnecessary spelling or grammatical errors(especially for a UK blog).

    So I guess i’m not the only one that makes grammatical errors. Right? grammer police.

  • rdujetz

    WHAT could be more wholesome or natural ??

  • mauikamaaina

    I’m a retired teacher with a stellar record. I honestly do not understand why Stefan was pressured to resign. Is there a morals clause in his contract that forbids his appearing in a reality show? If no, then I am positive that he will win his law suit. SHAME on his school district for allowing itself to be placed in a legal situation that will pull valuable tax dollars away from the children’s education. Educating children is its primary responsibility; not being morality police!

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