Teacher Forced To Resign For Being Too Sexy For His Shirt On Bravo TV Show

stefan-serieHunky middle school health teacher Stefan Serie says he was “coerced” into resigning after he took his shirt off on the Bravo reality show, Princesses: Long Island.

The 30-year-old triathlete and trainer was just hangin’ out and being sexy with his shirt off in the background of the show’s second season premiere in June. He had filmed the cameo as a favor to a friend last summer during his downtime and didn’t receive any payment for it. But once his scene ultimately devolved into a profanity-laced bitchfest — as all Bravo reality shows do — he realized he didn’t want to be associated with it.

Merrick Avenue Middle School officials were less than pleased by Serie’s appearance and a week after the episode aired, Serie was called into the school district office where he was pressed to resign after eight years on the job.

“It was a coerced resignation,” Serie told the New York Daily News. “I want my job and tenure back. I think I deserve it.” Parents and students from Merrick agree and are rallying behind the beloved teacher.

“Honestly, I think as long as he wasn’t doing anything illegal on the show, I don’t see why it should matter what he does in his time,” said Rosemary Garofolo, whose two sons took Serie’s seventh-grade health class, adding that there wasn’t “a kid in that school that didn’t love him.”

Serie said he’s “devastated” by the experience but if he doesn’t get his job back, he and attorney Joseph Kilada will file a federal lawsuit against the school district. In the meantime, we’re sure Andy Cohen has an opening that Serie can fill.