Ruggin Refuses To Silence Self

Gay Chorister Appeals Church Banishment

There’s no mute on this one! Italian choir boy Alberto Ruggin found himself ousted from his church after coming out on national television. Despite knowing the church condemns the gays, Mr. Ruggin will ask his presiding Bishop to appeal the discriminatory decision:

Ruggin, who is a practicing Roman Catholic, said that the priest, Don Paolino Bettanin, was “disgusted” by the affair.

“I tried to explain to him that a true Christian respects everybody — he accused me of not revealing my sexuality sooner, but admitted he had suspected it. The truth is that he’s scared of what people might say. So, I’m turning to the Bishop.”

It’s worth noting that Ruggin sang his little heart out in the same chorus for seven years. On the positive side, he probably won’t have any trouble getting a date – hubba, hubba!