Gay Could Lead Italy’s Employers, Says Group’s President

Maurizio Beretta, president of Italian employers’ federation Confindustria, says his organization could definitely do well with a gay leader. We gays, you know, are a part of the economy, too!

Via AGI News:

Beretta explained: “In Confindustria we value businesspeople for their skills, for the results they can achieve for the association, there is no discrimination. It is a mistaken idea to consider businesspeople as conservatives – if there is a social category that really needs to be innovative then it is ours!”.

According to Beretta then, gay people, singles and older people are the motor of the modern economy: “they are the emerging mononuclear categories”, he said, “gay people, singles and older people can spend more than a parent. It should be underlined that models of current consumerism reflect the evolution of society”.

Hooray for equality through consumption!