Gay couple grilled by judge about their sex lives for four hours

A German judge in Bavaria grilled a gay couple about their sex lives for roughly four hours as they tried fighting their encroaching deportation.

41-year-old Pavel Tpikov and his partner Igor Popialkovskii, 32 ,want to stay in Germany since Russia isn’t safe for them.

To elucidate upon exactly how unsafe Russia is for them:

“My ex-boyfriend has been stabbed,” Popialkovkii revealed to Wochenblatt.

“All our friends live there in great fear. There are propaganda programs on Russian television where the call Europe ‘Gayropa’.

Recently, there was a show in which homosexuals were promised a ticket to the US because Russia wanted to be ‘cleansed of them.”

On June 26, Tupikov went to a hearing at the Administrative Court of Regensburg, Bavaria. Appeal his deportation meant having to answer a series of absurdly prodding questions about his sex life.

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“I had to talk about sex only for four hours,” he tells Wochenblatt.

“He (the judge) asked me when I had my first time, with whom and how it was. He wanted to know everything.

The judge also said he does not believe that we are a couple

How can I prove that we are a couple? Should we kiss in court?”

Gay Star News reports the couple is having massive financial woes due to legal fees, but they consider that a small cross to bear if it results in never returning to Russia.

“We often have to go hungry because we can not buy food,” Popialkovkii said.

They aspire to build their careers in Germany, where they’re currently working as custodians.

Popialkovkii plans to start an apprenticeship as a tax accountant, while Tupikov wants to work as a teacher.