Gay couple grilled by judge about their sex lives for four hours

A German judge in Bavaria grilled a gay couple about their sex lives for roughly four hours as they tried fighting their encroaching deportation.

41-year-old Pavel Tpikov and his partner Igor Popialkovskii, 32 ,want to stay in Germany since Russia isn’t safe for them.

To elucidate upon exactly how unsafe Russia is for them:

“My ex-boyfriend has been stabbed,” Popialkovkii revealed to Wochenblatt.

“All our friends live there in great fear. There are propaganda programs on Russian television where the call Europe ‘Gayropa’.

Recently, there was a show in which homosexuals were promised a ticket to the US because Russia wanted to be ‘cleansed of them.”

On June 26, Tupikov went to a hearing at the Administrative Court of Regensburg, Bavaria. Appeal his deportation meant having to answer a series of absurdly prodding questions about his sex life.

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“I had to talk about sex only for four hours,” he tells Wochenblatt.

“He (the judge) asked me when I had my first time, with whom and how it was. He wanted to know everything.

The judge also said he does not believe that we are a couple

How can I prove that we are a couple? Should we kiss in court?”

Gay Star News reports the couple is having massive financial woes due to legal fees, but they consider that a small cross to bear if it results in never returning to Russia.

“We often have to go hungry because we can not buy food,” Popialkovkii said.

They aspire to build their careers in Germany, where they’re currently working as custodians.

Popialkovkii plans to start an apprenticeship as a tax accountant, while Tupikov wants to work as a teacher.

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  • Brody

    Methinks the judge was likely fondling himself under his robe whilst he was “interrogating” these guys.
    Hey Pavel, come on over to America, we’ll treat you right.

    • Mack

      I was thinking the same thing. But as far as coming to America-will Herr Trump allow it?

    • Celtic

      Dang it! You took the words right out of my mouth. Only words, Mate. Don’t go there! :) I can’t even last four hours in bed. How the hell can you talk about it for four hours? Perhaps they should have offered a free demonstration. ORDER IN THE COURT!!!

    • Brody

      As long as they’re not Sons of Allah, I suspect Donny T has no problem with them.

    • Clay83

      Ha, go to America and be treated right, that must be a joke

    • Brody

      If it’s so bad, then why do so many try so desperately to come here?

  • fur_hunter

    Countries turning a blind eye to situations like this is EXACTLY what happened in the late 1930s when NO ONE would asylum to the Jews when Hitler was in power. And 6 million Jews died. Is no one learning ANYTHING from history? MORONS!

  • jasentylar

    These are the people we should be helping. Is there no way to help them financially?

    • Record Man

      Thinking the same thing here. If anyone knows of some way to help these guys, I hope they’ll post a link or update the article. Maybe someone could start a GoFundMe account for them?

  • judysdad

    And meanwhile, groups like HRC are engrossed with helping a trans woman win her battle to to get urinals installed in women’s restroom. I have, for the first time in my life, become ashamed of being a part of the GLB “community”.

    • Moritz

      I agree. We have so far to go when it comes to keeping our people safe. We need to re-order our priorities in order to save lives.

      And why would they need urinals in a woman’s restroom? There are always more toilets than there are in any men’s room. I don’t see that in the scope and mission of the HRC.

    • dwes09

      Why is it that the right wing is both stupid and intrinsically liars?
      This is not true, you are lying to advance an agenda of hatred for others.
      Willing to bet that you are just another ethics challenged heterosexual here to advance your own agenda. HRC is not in fact spending their money to help MTF trans people put urinals in women’s restrooms. That is just stupid, and you are just stupid. Go crawl back under your rock!

    • Juanjo

      All you have is a nonsensical logical fallacy? Pathetic. This is not an either or situation. You and your other sckpupets should just stfu

    • DCguy

      Oh look, the fact anti-lgbt troll trying to pretend that only one thing can be talked about at a time.

      1. Lets see the link to this fake story.

      2. Interesting that if you are so concerned about these two guys in Germany you didn’t mention them at all, just looked for an excuse to attack Transfolks and try to create a wedge.

      Sheesh, you trolls aren’t even good at this anymore.

  • peterblaise

    [ @judysdad ] and [ @Moritz ], LGBTQIAS+ are all sexual and gender minorities, suggesting that any one can be jettisoned for the supposed good of any others is mind bogglingly insensitive and inappropriate.

    Also, please provide a link to your “urinals in the women’s room”, even if you mean urinals designed for females — thanks.

    • dwes09

      They cannot provide a real link, “judysdad” is just another right wing liar. All people like him care about is their agenda of hatred for those that differ from them. Lying to manipulate the gullible and spread the hatred is simply what they do.

  • Herman75

    US should halt all immigration except for LGBTQ people.

    • Tête Carrée

      I’m sure Donald J. and his supporters will be all in favor of that…

  • RomanHans

    Who do you think is giving visas to the gay men threatened with death in Chechnya? It’s Germany. Trump’s America doesn’t give a f—. The question now is how do people prove they’re gay to emigrate. I have no problem with a judge quizzing them. The end result is asylum in a great country where they will be safe and valued.

  • Sluggo2007

    “How can I prove that we are a couple?” Get down on your knees and blow your partner. I’m sure the judge won’t mind a bit.

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