Gay NFLer Comes Out With Book

Out Of Bounds Cover

Aside from the occasional interview and an affinity toward promoting alternative weight loss programs, ex-NFL player and out and proud homo Roy Simmons has kept a pretty low profile over the years. But he has just released a memoir and is doing everything he can to make you aware of it. His media frenzy looks to be about as intense Courtney Love on a long overdue bender.

Simmons’ story is inspiring in a very TV movie of the week way. Not only do you get sex with closeted teammates, and hard drugs, but also HIV, hustling, an unsuccessful suicide attempt, and a newfound vow of celibacy it’s all capped off with the inevitable public outing on Donahue!

While our never-ending desire for more pro athletes to come out won’t be fulfilled anytime soon, let’s appreciate the few brave pro athletes who have the balls to be open about their sexuality.

Let’s just hope Simmons didn’t get any writing tips from James Frey.

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