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Gay Owners Of Straight Bar Only Want Heteros Applying For Jobs

While some employers are going out of their way to diversify their workforces, others appear to be purposefully discriminating against job applicants. Managers of Downtown, the bar in Britain’s Manchester that’s aimed at the university crowd, and which has been open only a week, posted a job listing on their Facebook page that read: “Looking for flyerers/pr people for Downtown. Ideally 2 blokes/1 girl. Straight, Good looking, Outgoing etc. 20 hours per week, £6 an hour. Hours may vary. Interested?” After complaints, the job posting was revised to eliminate the word “straight” with “regardless of orientation, sexuality, race etc.” Why such a big deal? Aside from discrimination based on sexuality being illegal? Oh, because the owners of Downtown also run AXM, the Manchester gay club whose owners write on their website about being a “gay company, and we are damn proud of that.”

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  • Stephen Hill

    Dort of the reverse of Tin Room and Drama Room where straight owners pocket money from the gay community and never have any fundraisers….but now probably will after this is out

  • David Gervais

    To all readers of the above story: The job was “for flyering staff for another of its clubs, Downtown, which is a student venue.” This would be a mostly straight bar, just on the demographics. “Haydn Pope of AXM group said that the gay-owned company was looking for a couple of straight students to “complement” its mostly gay workforce.”

    The original story is at:

    Unfortunately, it seems that the Queerty is frequently inaccurate in its reporting. I recommend fact checking their stories before reacting.

  • Steve

    I think it would be safe to wager a pint, that they will be sued for violating the Equality Act, and they will lose that suit.

  • Paul

    Gay’s can be the most biased and discriminator people. We don’t even care for our older people….I bet these are posers on top of it all….clones! Brit’s can be stuffy!

  • randy

    @David Gervais: It’s still illegal to advertise for straights. And regardless, why should university students care if some of the bartenders or bar backs are gay?

  • SouthSideShorty

    Sigh . . . such double standards from my gay brethren. Ask yourselves: How up in arms would you be if the straight owners of a gay bar wanted gay-only employees? Would you be saying, “Why would the gays care that their bartenders are straight?” No, I didn’t think so. Harmony will only happen when we quit qualifying ourselves as separate but equal.

  • aalan brickman

    Masc straight bartenders bring in more gay customers to gay bars….this is not news……

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