Gay-For-Payer Sebastian Young Reminds Us Why We Should Never Threaten The Lives Of Federal Detetives


Gay-for-pay adult film performer Sebastian Young is a cautionary tale for anyone who has ever considered running over a public official with their car.

The 33-year-old, who’s real name is Joshua Noles, was arraigned last week after allegedly threatening to flatten a Florida detective by running her over with his car. Noles pleaded not guilty.

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It all started earlier this year when Noles was accused of sexually molesting his five-year-old daughter and giving her an STD. Detective Danielle Reagan was assigned to the case. In June, Noles accused Reagan of “ruining his life” then threatened to run her over with his car.

In the end, no charges were filed against Noles in regards to the whole child molestation thing. But he was slapped with a third degree felony charge for threatening a public official, plus another charge of reckless driving, and another charge of leaving the scene of an accident.

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Judge Frank Marriot of Florida’s Seventh Judicial Circuit denied Noles bail at last week’s hearing, which means he’ll have to stay in jail until trial. A pre-trial date has been scheduled for August 16, with the trial beginning the week of September 6.

But all this is hardly the first time Noles has had a run-in with the law. Str8UpGayPorn reports that he spent two years in prison for assaulting an elderly person over the age of 65. He also has nearly a dozen arrests involving multiple drug, DUI, burglary and traffic charges over the past 12 years. That’s in addition to the three times he was arrested for beating his wife.

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