Guys Reveal What It’s Like To Be ‘Gay For Pay’

Capitalism has some strange outcomes.

Destroying the planet and suppressing the poor aside, many guys have realized they can earn money — even build a career — by tapping into the gay market — all it takes is a little emotional detachment. Easy!

Below, guys let off a little built up tension at their gay-for-pay lifestyles on Whisper. Maybe you’ve seen some of their work:

I'm a guy that models shirtless for gay guys online, and I get paid very well for it. No, I'm not gay, no, knowing that a guy is jerking off to me doesn't bother me. Money is money.

I did a few gay for pay porn videos when I needed money in college. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Never told anyone.

I'm straight and I became a male stripper at a gay club because I wanted to get over how shy I was. If you can get naked on stage in front of people you can handle small talk.

I'm a guy and I go gay for pay every Friday and I've been dating my girlfriend for 2 years now. It's creeping up on me....

I'm a straight guy who's done gay stuff for money. I'm not ashamed, it's paid for my shelter and food.

I'm a gay porn star but I'm 100% straight. In fact, 95% of the people I work with are as well and we need to see our partner or watch straight porn to perform. Gay porn just pays more.

I'm a straight man who provides foot fetishes to gay men. They pay a mighty price just to kiss my feet.

I'm gay for pay. My girlfriend doesn't know that's how I make money.

I've been "gay-for-pay" for a few years but now I'm confused because I feel like I might not be fully straight anymore. I really enjoy scenes where I bottom.

I'm in the gay porn industry because of the pay. But, truth be told, I'm totally straight

I'm a straight guy who became a gay escort out of curiosity. It was supposed to be $100 but my client paid me $300 instead. Could get used to this.

I do gay porn even though I'm straight. But you know what? fuck anyone who tries to hate; it pays the bills and then some, and I'm perfectly happy with myself.

I'm straight but work as a male stripper at a gay club because it tips better and gay men keep their hands to themselves.

I had gay sex in exchange for $500 even though I'm straight. Paid off my overdraft. Time will heal.

I'm not gay and I don't find men attractive, I just happen to have a job where I get paid to have sex with men on film